Wrist/Hand Skier’s/Gamekeeper’s Thumb

What is Wrist/Hand Skier’s/Gamekeepers’ Thumb?

As you’d expect from the name, this injury often impacts skiers and gamekeepers who overuse their thumbs on a regular basis, causing strain and injury. Athletes who play sports that involves a lot of hand contact are more likely to suffer from this condition than others. Particularly, football players, rugby players, and wrestlers are all likely to experience thumb injury based on the way their sports are played.

What are the symptoms of Wrist/Hand Skier’s/Gamekeepers’ Thumb?

Swelling near the bottom of the thumb, pain when grabbing or throwing objects, a sensation of instability in the thumb, bruising and swelling near the thumb base, and weakness around the thumb.

How do we treat Wrist/Hand Skier’s/Gamekeepers’ Thumb?

Before we get started on exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding your thumb and improve flexibility, we first set your thumb and/or wrist in a cast or brace, so that it can heal properly without further damage. We also use cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation, and lower discomfort and pain.