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95 / How to Workout at Home With Hashimoto’s with Dr. Emily Kiberd

For all the women with Hashimoto’s, this is one is for you. The gyms are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can stop working out. Today, I’m talking about how you can stay active to prevent all the gains you made in the gym from being lost even if you don’t have any equipment at home.

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I’m glad you’re staying home and staying safe. But it’s not time to forget about your muscles. All that glucose from carbs is getting dumped in your muscles instead of fueling your workouts. Going for a run may seem like a good idea. But if you have Hashimoto’s that can be too hard on your joints. 

In order to maintain the health of your muscles at home, there are two things not to lose sight of. One is what you eat. Getting your optimal protein of at least 30 grams per meal will keep your muscles fed properly. The other thing to do is strength-train. That means picking up and moving weight with amazing form.

Since Hashimoto’s means you’re predisposed to less muscle mass, I share a seven-step functional exercise workout for you. You don’t need fancy gym equipment for these. That means you can get started right now without leaving the house!

How has your workout routine changed during the time of coronavirus? Tell me in the comments below! 

In this episode

  • Preventing the COVID 15
  • Why running is not the best exercise for many people
  • How much protein to eat with each meal
  • The best type of strength-training you can do at home
  • The essential seven exercises for maintaining your muscle
  • How to improvise weights with objects in your home


“This is a time where we can gain weight, especially if we are not walking, if we are staying home, not getting any vitamin D and sunshine on our face. We need to really focus on our health and the health of our muscles.” [1:45]

“There’s no sexy, magical, new, innovative move that’s going to help you maintain your muscle and help you beat the corona 15. Just functional strength training.” [3:56]

“Self-care is picking up something heavy with amazing form, challenging yourself, putting it down, and doing it again.” [19:38]


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