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Where all the Lady podcasters at?

In my last post, I mentioned some of my favorite podcasts that I gobble up on the daily riding the F train to and from work, and walking the sleeping baby to school. Pretty much any time I have a free moment since they’re easy to digest and get the motivation mojo going. Some of my faves from Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Tom Bilyeu on his new show Impact Theory. But where all the ladies at? So in true problem solver form I started my hunt.

I had some criteria as I began searching:

-solid content in health, business development, design, not just girltalk or gossip

-sentences don’t end on a higher note (a petpeeve of mine)

-a digestible bite, ideally around 30-50 minutes

Here’s the latest round up:

Rhonda Patrick Total girl crush. Introduced to her by one of our most hard working patients and then Tim Ferriss. I love nerding out with her on Nutrigenomics, aka the scientific study of nutrition and genes interaction on one another, through the lens of disease prevention.

JJ Virgin This woman is a power house of a speaker and also loves cutting out sugar in her eating habits. Bucketlist to be on her podcast one day. She also has a new book out about healing her son with bipolar and brain trauma through nutrition and a Miracle Mindset.

Debbie Millman A podcast on design, and in this day and age where innovation is everything, she picks the brains of writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought. One of my faves is her chat with NYC local Jessica Walsh.

Tara Brach An easily accessible meditator introduced to me by my best friend. I drop into a deep state while listening to her calm voice.

On Air with Ella One of my faves was on Chronic Lyme Disease. She’s bubbly, she’s real and she plays with different hot topics like intermittent fasting and cleaning up toxins out of the household.

Mum’s the Word Kaz Jaffee DC gives you the perfect digestible podcast dedicated to mamas and mamas. She interviews experts on how to provide the natural, honest, and reliable resources they need to keep their families happy, healthy, and safe. Your very own Dr Emily Kiberd was on last month and episode should be coming out this month on scar tissue work we in the clinic post C-Section.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi From the young retiree to those of us who love to work (ahem, me), I love hearing financial advice from a woman who understands the female psychology around money and saving.

Katy Says with Katy Bowman We love movement and we love other women that nerd out on movement. Katy is one of these women with discussions on body mechanics, movement nutrition, natural movement, and how movement can be the solution to modern ailments we all experience.

Bonus: Found on Stella Nor’easter snow day and #1 on itunes Missing Richard Simmons. Health and wellness, yeah totally, while I don’t agree to so much cardio, super entertaining podcast hunting down this man. I can relate to Richard’s desire to connect and go above and beyond to the people that cross his path.

We believe in striving to be 1% better ever day so share your fave podcasts with us at

Knowledge is power, spread the word!

Best in health xo

Dr Emily Kiberd