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When A Mentor Needs A Hand

In my ten years as a Chiropractor running Urban Wellness Clinic, I have gotten a lot of feedback. I welcome this as we believe all feedback is good feedback, because it allows us to grow. Thankfully, the vast majority has been very positive and gratifying. I’d like to share a moment with one of my fellow movement teachers who probably nerds out on how the body compensates as much as myself. Three years ago, Chris Sritharan, one half of the Anatomy in Motion dream team duo with the creator Gary Ward, was struggling with neck pain and a headache for three days after a long flight across the pond. Anyone who knows Chris, knows that he rarely lets anyone work on him. As his facebook posts end with “Observe Curiously” he is the true embodiment of this philosophy, exploring movement on himself to heal his own aches. So when your teacher who inspires you daily asks for an neck adjustment, you know he’s serious. After I worked on him, he quietly laid down and took a two hour nap, which is a first in my experience. He nailed what it’s like to put yourself in the hands of another human being and trust that they will help you. I re-read it sometimes on my morning train commute to prepare for the day and thought I’d share. Here’s Chris’ testimonial of his experience.

Best in health,

Dr. Emily Kiberd

Chris Sritharan Anatomy in Motion and Emily Kiberd

I am a Movement Therapist/Body Worker and Educator.

My greatest learning about myself is from working with my own body to unravel all of the injuries (active and passive), unravel the years of asthma and medications and unraveling the years of training through problems.

For me I have learnt more about my body and “life” than I ever thought possible. I have developed a relationship with my body that is very special to me and it turns out that my body is much more selective about people and things than I am :slightly_smiling_face:

Even as a Movement Therapist/Body Worker, I rarely go and see ANYONE to “Work on me” as I love my own journey far too much :slightly_smiling_face: I only go If I am “stuck” or “lost” and need some input to help me get my bearings again.

In 2015, a trip to NY turned out to be one of those occasions where I was “Stuck”. My neck was jammed and I had a headache that was vibrating through my entire body…

I have met Emily before and knew I could trust her hands to help me navigate away from this situation.


She was amazing…as soon as she cradled my head to assess my neck, I felt safe which made it so much easier to relax with her supporting me. We worked together to find the vectors of restriction (and even though she was the one doing the adjustment she listened to my feedback throughout and worked with me), she assessed them all to make sure she had all of them and then in one swift move she got all of the “stuck” joints to “unstuck” and re-assessed to see how it was all moving…

Immediately the headache “lifted” which allowed me to fall asleep for a few hours to allow my body to do its thing without me getting in its way (something that I have learnt along the way).

The experience for me was a memorable one. I rarely find anyone that my body can relax with and this is the key for any adjustment and subsequent therapeutic effect. I settled easily into her hands as she felt very grounded and strong in her own body. I felt supported and safe. Her assessment was confident and I had no urge to control my own head while she navigated my cervical spine. Her adjustment was MAGNIFICENT!! Her whole body was with me and present through it making it smooth and purposeful.

I felt supported and safe

A testimonial is to give ones recommendation about another. I do. I do recommend Emily…VERY HIGHLY!

But not just for helping me…above this is what she created for me. And that was a safe and supported place where my body could receive some help.

To anyone being treated…just check in with yourself and ask yourself if you feel comfortable and safe. The more comfortable you are with the therapist, the easier it is for both of you to work together to help you navigate away from your current situation. ​

Christopher Sritharan