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Webster Technique

Our Approach To Webster Technique

Proper chiropractic care is beneficial for low back health and pelvic alignment for any pregnant woman. Webster Technique is a chiropractic assessment and series of adjustments designed specifically to balance the pelvis and reduce stress on the round ligaments supporting the uterus. A relaxed uterus allows for a breech baby to turn naturally to a head down position for delivery. By choosing Webster Technique for your pregnancy, you can prevent the potential of a C-section and many delivery complications.

We use the technique to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation and SI joint dysfunction to improve the biomechanical function of your pelvis. We recommend starting the Webster Technique to turn a breech baby as soon as you find out he or she is in a breech position, because the longer you wait, the harder it will be for baby to flip.

Dr Emily Kiberd is a Webster Technique certified chiropractor with years of experience in prenatal chiropractic care, and the Webster Technique success rate has been recorded at 82%, so the odds are very good the treatment will lead to an easier delivery.

Benefits Of Webster Technique:

  • Prevents a breech baby delivery
  • Relieves intrauterine strain, allowing the fetus to move more freely
  • Reduces stress on the ligaments supporting the uterus 

Webster Technique Is Good For Anyone:

  • Whose baby is in a breech position
  • Who is experiencing a difficult or painful pregnancy
  • Experiencing low back pain

Your Visit

We’ll review the options, the research, and the risks with you in detail and help you fully understand how Webster’s chiropractic technique might be the right avenue to providing you with the unique prenatal support you and your baby need. Being a new mother herself, Dr Emily Kiberd found Webster Technique to be an essential tool to the natural delivery of her Baby Elvis. For more information feel free to call 212-355-0445 or contact us at

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