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Paleo Goddess’ of EKG Project

We’re back with the second half of our interview with the Paleo scene’s hottest dessert line from EKG project!

UWC: What inspired you to start EKG?

Gina: I lost a lot of weight (30 lbs!) by eating clean and working out, and this was a much easier way to keep my body on track than through a calories in-calories out approach.  As my friends, family, clients and even strangers are always seeking dietary and fitness recommendations, I’m now able to share my knowledge more effectively through a single channel – EKG Project!

Emily: I watched my mom overcome several severe health complications thanks to living Paleo after two decades of unsuccessful western medical treatments.  I also overcame major health issues by going organic and cutting out gluten, grains and dairy. These experiences inspired me to study natural living and find a way to help others.

George: My lifestyle keeps me from (almost never) getting sick, and it empowers me to lift heavy, keep muscle run PressTea, which is keeping me on my toes all the time! For me, it’s a way of life that I want to pass on.

UWC: What are your most popular items right now?

The Paleo Ramenritto, Paleo Brownie and Paleo Donut!

Paleo Brownie

UWC: How do you take care of and nourish your body, mind & spirit while balancing a busy life in New York City?

Body: We eat clean, organic and Paleo about 95% of the time, work out 5 to 6 times a week and work with Dr. Emily Kiberd to maintain a maximal level of physical health and stay pain free.

Mind: Meditation, reading, plenty of rest and sleep and weekly indulgences (dessert!).

Spirit: Meditation, play, time with loved ones and music. Emily and Gina stay connected to their faith through Hillsong NYC.

UWC: Inspiration is everywhere; where did it strike you recently?

Being in nature is in our nature, and that can be hard when we live within a 12 mile concrete grid, so those moments when we can escape to the Hudson River for a sunrise run (Emily), get out to the beach house (Gina) or take a relaxing walk in the park (George) are the moments when we feel the most alive and inspired.

UWC: Favorite restaurant? Go to restaurant on the run?

Gina: Palma

Emily: La Lanterna

George: Peter Lugers 

On the run: Gina and Emily love to hit up Hü Kitchen. George eats in store at PressTea, where we serve grass-fed/finished beef from New Zealand, Neiman Ranch pasture-raised pork, free-range chicken and many other organic dishes.

UWC: Retail therapy is…?

Gina: Athleta, Nike, Saks, Rag and Bone.

Emily: Darling in the West Village, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Athleta.

George: American Apparel #alldayeveryday.

UWC: Your fitness philosophy is…?

Quality over quantity!

UWC: Our clients inspire us and push us to make us better at what we do; any particular recent inspirations?

Emily: A session at Landmark.

Gina: Pastor Carl Lentz at Hillsong

George: Mark’s Daily Apple.

Collectively we are inspired by the love and support our friends and family are giving to our newest endeavor, EKG Project.

UWC: Your vision/dream for EKG Project is…?

Going global and helping people live better lives.

Paleo Goddess' of EKG Project

UWC: We believe you are what you eat and that food should be used as medicine. Your food philosophy is…?

The same! From nourishment to healing, natural foods allow your body to maintain optimal health. Yes, there is definitely a time and place for western medicine, but the first and best source for a healthy body is truly healthy food and natural movement.

UWC: We believe movement is medicine; how and where do you get moving daily?

In addition to running around all day, our workouts and gym throw-downs are our movement. We get fit at Titan Fitness, Clay, NYSC, Barry’s Bootcamp, Flex Studios, Soulcycle and Flywheel.

UWC: Inspirational quote that resonates with you…?

Gina: “Never touch anything with half of your heart.”

Emily: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”
? Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

George: “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

UWC: What books and blogs are on your must-read-now list?

The Paleo Approach, Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It, My Personal Paleo Code, NomNom Paleo, Mark’s Daily Apple, Robb Wolf.

UWC: We were inspired by you because we feel you walk your talk. How do you embody the words that you speak and the actions you teach?

EKG Project is about a life of health and love, not simply products on a shelf. Each of us truly strives in our daily conversations, thoughts and actions to spread love not only to our clients and ourselves, but also for the betterment of the entire world.  (Cue Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” ;))

EKG Paleo Muffin

UWC: Your morning ritual?

Gina: Get dressed for workouts, some hot green tea, a pre-workout and then a cab to meet my clients, headphones on with Hillsong United – it all puts me in a peaceful place, the calm before the storm so to speak.

Emily: Get dressed for work, feed the pup, do my devotion, meditate and off to work listening to positive music.

George: Throw on a t-shirt and jeans and hit the Path!

UWC: Who is your go-to guru?

Gina: Carl Lentz

Emily: Maryanne Williamson

George: Mark Sisson

UWC: When in your life did you feel most in touch with your calling?

Right now, as EKG Project is coming to life. To actually see our dreams, passions and experiences merge and come to fruition is beyond inspiring, exciting and incredible.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration and Paleo vision with Urban Wellness Clinic!