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EKG Project On Living Paleo

Urban Wellness Clinic got an inside look at a game changer on the healthy eating scene in New York City as we sat down with the founders of EKG. Determined to mainstream a more natural, healthier and Paleo lifestyle, the founders share their story and what it means to walk their talk.


UWC: Tell us how the EKG project got started.

Emily Farley (E) and Gina Cavallo (G) were walking in late winter 2014 to a cycling class in the West Village when they decided to pop into PressTea for a warm drink. Noticing that the fitness friends’ interest piqued when he introduced the shop’s line of organic products, owner George Kuan (K) struck up a conversation about the benefits of living a truly healthy lifestyle. The three immediately clicked, discussing the unmet need for more organic, affordable options in the city that has it all. A week later, they decided to combine their shared passions for health and fitness by offering healthy, affordable products first to New Yorkers and then nationwide. The EKG Project was born.

UWC: Paleo means…?

Paleo means getting back to basics, to what we truly need in order to live the best life possible. We at EKG Project live this by focusing on health, wellness, positivity and love. We remove and leave no room for anything toxic to our bodies, minds and souls. Paleo isn’t Atkins on steroids; it’s a lifestyle.

EKG Project On Living Paleo

UWC: How do you live a Paleo lifestyle as a busy New Yorker? 

The easiest way: live or work close to healthy markets, restaurants and the gym! Being based in the Village, gives us easy access to the Union Square Farmers Market, several organic groceries and restaurants and an array of amazing gyms and boutique fitness studios. Easy access is key.

UWC: What one bit of advice would you give to Paleo beginners?

Honestly, the first two weeks of withdrawal are not going to be fun, but after your body begins healing and working the way it was created, your energy, mental clarity and health will skyrocket so much that you won’t want to live any other way.


UWC: Take us through a day in your life!

Gina: Each day is a little different, but usually my alarm goes off at 6, and I am either at Barry’s Bootcamp or SoulCycle “sweat-working” with a client by 7. After a workout, I head home and devour cage-free eggs or an organic, cold-pressed juice. I take my many vitamins, suit up and head off to my office for a full day of work at Conversant Media. If I am not entertaining clients at night, I am most likely home trying to soak in some rest and relaxation before the next day.

Emily: I get up at 5:30, dress and do my morning devotion and meditation before heading out by 6:20 to bake and prep PressTea for opening. I’m there until noon, after which I head home and devour a raw zucchini and spinach salad. After an hour’s rest, I hit Clay Spa & Gym or run on the Hudson River for about an hour. Afterwards, I shower and switch gears to work on EKG Project – from operations and regulatory/setup to website design, social media management and baking test products. Around 7:30pm, I have dinner and either relax for the evening (if I’m lucky!) or handle a few more EKG Project tasks. By 10pm, I am knocked out!

George: I usually get to PressTea by 8:30 and work on everything from product development and operations to investor relations and ingredient sourcing. Between hopping behind the counter during a rush and taking meetings in-store and around the city, I take one gym break for time to myself each afternoon. After fasting all day, I have dinner either at PressTea or one of my favorite hot-pot locales in Chinatown. Afterwards, I head home for some much needed R&R.

UWC: What tools or mantras get you through tough times? What mantra do you leave the house with?

Emily: Meditation, prayer and fitness, “Love is my only goal.”

Gina: Working out, meditation, “Love Conquers All.”

George: Family, friends and fitness.

UWC: Your mission on this planet is to…?

Spread love the best way we know how: through truly healthy foods and products.

Catch up with us again later this week for Part 2 of our interview! We’ll get deeper into the Paleo philosophy and where EKG find their daily inspiration around the Big Apple.

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