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Tara Glazier Shares Her Daily Inspirations

We’re back with Part II of our interview with Tara Glazier to find out what inspires her philosophy and keeps her incredible motivation going!

UWC: How do you walk your talk?

Tara: I think it is most important to stay in a process of learning while remaining humble.  I have been lucky and am grateful to be working with teachers and healers that give me honest reflection while empowering me on this path.  To me, this path takes serious dedication and even though my time is limited, I take pride in continued study through online courses and weekly private sessions to further my development as a human and teacher.  I take time for self-reflection and movement therapy. I’m at my best when I’m teaching and being a mom – that’s what reminds me to be an example and speak with clarity. I work toward creating healthy boundaries and allow my students and my life to teach me; they are reflections of what I offer for better or for worse. I approach yoga from a grounded and human perspective: I embody my teachings and make my teachings relevant.

UWC: Your advice for new yoga instructors…

Tara: Teach as much as you can, to whoever will listen and give you feedback. Continue to learn from other instructors and refine your vision to what resonates with you.

UWC: What’s the simplest change you’ve made in your life that’s had the greatest impact?

Tara: Being myself, going into the teachings I love and integrating teachings that resonate with me. Being a mom keeps me real and grounded, and being a New Yorker keeps me authentic. And the universality of yoga – anyone could walk into a class and seek a way to connect to it. We practice yoga because we want to awaken, we want to live a real and authentic life and live the yogic teachings in this world.

Tara Glazier, Yoga Instructor

UWC: What’s your favorite quote?

Tara: If we are willing to look, we will see that life is always in the process of waking us up. If we are not in harmony with life, if we are working in opposition to it, then it is a rough ride indeed. –Adyashanti (The End of Your World)

UWC: How do you navigate negative thoughts or criticism?

Tara: I try to keep things in perspective.  Lately my practice is to sit with the discomfort of the situation whether it is internal or coming from an external.  Taking time to sit and reflect without reaction usually takes the sting out and I can respond from a more stable ground.

Refine your vision to what resonates with you.

UWC: Your go-to source if you get stuck with a client…

Tara: Life is a mystery.  We cannot explain everything although we would like to.  I surrender and try to find a way for the body and mind to relax so the wisdom of the body can come through. The greatest source is in letting go.

Tara Glazier, Yoga Instructor performing yoga moves

UWC: Your dream for Abhaya is…?

Tara: A sustainable community where I can offer high quality training to yoga instructors and continue to create opportunities and support for them.

I also believe in building a community with an awakened consciousness through education in yoga, philosophy and anatomy. My dream is for this awareness to create a ripple effect in my students’ lives, families and careers.

I see this vision unfolding already. I see these students invested in their practice, leading their own retreats, meditations, and practices with the foundational knowledge they learn at Abhaya.