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Self-Care Habits of the Urban Wellness Clinic team

At Urban Wellness Clinic we love to walk our talk so we can better serve you. I’m talking strength training, protein and self-care, oh my!

Take a peek inside as the Urban Wellness Clinic team shares how we spend our mornings to start the day right, what we always carry in our backpacks, and so much more. Feel free to share with you friends, family, FB crew, whoever will listen because there’s some juice tips in here.

Morning Self-Care Routine

Adriana Lazare

Dr Adriana Lazare: I’m up at either 4:20 or 5:20 every morning. Since I have an early trek to the city and spend basically 15 hours out of the house, I lay out everything that I need for the day the night before to cut down on my morning rush and get more sleep. So in the morning I sleepily grab my clothes, wash my face, make a smoothie (thank god for our Vitamix) and run. Lately, I’ve been incorporating meditation on the train.

My all-organic morning smoothie looks like this: Frozen blueberries, spinach, cacao powder, acai powder, 1/2 scoop sun warrior chocolate plant protein, mushroom reishi powder, cacao nibs (for some crunch), water, sometimes I add a little almond butter.

Monisha Malik

Dr Monisha Mallik: I can’t start my day without a cup of hot coffee. I drink coffee infused with a Chinese Medicinal mushroom called Ganoderma. It has helped rid me of my headaches (although I have seen it cure a lot more among my family and friends!)

As a provider affiliated with the company, Organo, I can help answer any questions you have about the herb and provide it to you (I tend to geek out over this healing herb and how powerful it is!

Matt Semrick

Matt Semrick: Wake up as soon as the alarm goes off and stay up. Even though I set three alarms “just in case”, I always get up on the first.

Turn on the coffee pot and set the “just in case” milk bottle on the nightstand in case my son wakes up early.

Read something current in fitness/nutrition thinking and try not to push it too long before getting in the shower and walking the dogs. I’m currently digging into research pieces from Brad Schoenfeld on protein intake and exercise tempo.

Lately, I have been trying to create more and work on social media offerings.

Bethany Vivo

Bethany Vivo: Usually the routine is lemon water in the AM (the goal is always to increase the water intake)

Coffee is always a must if you want me to be nice.

Gym before work because as a massage therapist if I didn’t strength train I would NOT be able to do this job for over 20 years.

Dr Emily Kiberd

Dr Emily Kiberd: Wake up with 2 kids laying on top of me. Snuggle them, feed them, scramble to get Elvi to school which usually looks like me running after a 3-year-old on a bike. I repeat in my head: win the morning, win the day, win the morning, win the day. Not an Emily Kiberd original, but heard this from Tim Ferris.

Breakfast is 6 eggs to meet protein requirements recommended to me by Dr Gabrielle Lyon. Coffee from East End Coffee in Brooklyn, either a cortado or ice almond latte.

I listen to podcasts on the train.

My go-to podcasts are:

  • Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
  • Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
  • Creative Live with Chase Jarvis

I write my dream for the day Handel Group style, past tense, no absolutes. I talk about here with Laurie Gerber, Handel group coach. It has changed how my days look, are experienced, and how my interactions feel. Then I write my Big 3, the top three things I need to do to move the needle today.

Evening Routine

Adriana Lazare

Dr Adriana Lazare: I meal prep on Sunday’s (I hate eating out) so evening routine is less about packing breakfast/lunch/dinner. My evening routine varies based on whether I’m teaching at Pure Barre Oceanside or getting home on a late day.

Really most nights it’s late, so I basically just shower and get into bed. Anyone else who is an introvert like me, knows how important it is to have alone time to recharge – so even if it’s late I do something for myself like grab a book.

I’m currently reading Barbarian Days A Surfing Life by William Finnegan or watch a few minutes of something funny (My Next Guest with David Letterman).

Monisha Malik

Dr Monisha Mallik: A hot shower, music and a home-cooked meal. The days are full of sensory stimulation and helping others, so getting in some time to myself and with my thoughts helps me recharge. I typically like to find new recipes and test them out.

It’s a form of meditation for me. Lately, I have been following a lot of recipes from a site called Pinch Of Yum. There are so many easy and healthy meals that you can make at home with simple ingredients. My favorite thing to make is a big Mediterranean salad with sweet potato falafel.

Matt Semrick

Matt Semrick: Overhead lights out by 8/8:15.

Put our son to bed while my wife puts our daughter to bed.

Prep coffee pot for the morning and clean up anything that’s left out in the kitchen and take out the garbage if necessary, so it’s not lingering til morning.

Settle into something mindless with my wife after we chat a little. We are currently Alternating between Modern Love on Amazon Prime and Ken Burns’ Country Music Documentary (only 10 hours to go!)

I usually brush teeth and wash my face last, but kinda want to flip that and have it out of the way too.

Bethany Vivo

Bethany Vivo: I unwind with a little Netflix. Some of my favorite shows include: The Office, Friends, Interior Design Masters, Minimalism, and Tiny House Nation.

I take my evening magnesium to help with sleep, muscle repair and for better digestion.

Dr Emily Kiberd

Dr Emily Kiberd: Baby Brooklyn goes down to bed at 8pm, DJ puts Elvi downto bed, fingers crossed he stays asleep.

My favorite toothpaste I can’t live without is Revitin from my dentist Gerry Curtola. Blue blockers live on my face after 9pm, my go-to’s are Felix Gray.

I’ll read, currently diving into Pumpkin Plan with Michael Michalowicz. I love all his books.

Can’t live without in your bag item or product

Adriana Lazare

Dr Adriana Lazare: Hand cream called Surfer’s Salve. I also use another called Head and Heal CBD salve. My phone charger is essential as well.

Monisha Malik

Dr Monisha Mallik: Kiehl’s chap stick and a Square Organics protein bar. The dark chocolate and peanut butter is a go-to.

Matt Semrick

Matt Semrick: Spare toothbrush and toothpaste or beard balm…though to see my beard sometimes, one might question that. My fave beard balm: Grave Before Shave Gentleman’s Blend.

Bethany Vivo

Bethany Vivo: My doterra essential oils. I cannot live without my oils! Peppermint, onguard , lavender & a blend called “Strong” it promotes feelings of wellness and vitality, it’s comforting to occasional skin irritations and it’s soothing to the emotions during times of distress. NEVER LEAVE HOME without it.

How do you stay motivated to work out

Adriana Lazare

Dr Adriana Lazare: I honestly never feel like I need to motivate myself to work out, I’ve always loved to work out so it never felt like a “have-to” more like a “get-to”. I do something physical 4 days a week. If I had the time, I would work out every day. My body tells me I need to workout! If I don’t I typically feel more fatigued and tired and my mood tanks.

I do a mix of Yoga and a mix of strength training at the gym and resistance band/body weight exercises at home. April – October surfing and running.

Monisha Malik

Dr Monisha Mallik: I love trying out the different classes that my patients enjoy and possibly find a new fun class for myself that I can incorporate into my routine. Overall, working out always helps me recalibrate my body and makes me feel more centered and energetic.

I tend to gravitate towards classes at Fhitting Room and Core Power Yoga. Fhitting Room provides you with 2 instructors per class so you get more focus put on your form and quality of the movement rather than just racing through several movements in an hour. Core Power Yoga offers hot yoga classes, but they have one that also incorporates strength called Yoga Sculpt. I started going to their studio while I lived in Chicago and love that they are opening more locations in Manhattan!

Matt Semrick

Matt Semrick: Working out keeps me feeling less generally tired and achy. It clears my head and helps me focus. So for me, it covers multiple bases.

I need to be ready to keep going when I get home with two youngsters.

Bethany Vivo

Bethany Vivo: I like to set goals like learn how to lift heavy and learn how to snatch a kettlebell correctly without slamming my arm…so much fun.

Dr Emily Kiberd

Dr Emily Kiberd: If I’m grumpy, I check myself. What did I eat? How’s my sleep? When did I last workout? If the last one is more than 3 days it’s go time. Plus working on patients all day is physically demanding, and this body feels it if I’m not continually working on strength.

Your go-to self-care

Adriana Lazare

Dr Adriana Lazare: Yoga. I fall asleep in Savasana like it’s my job. Also alone/quiet time. Most parts of my day I’m around so many people – it’s so much different energy. I need the time alone, so I’ll journal or cook.

Monisha Malik

Dr Monisha Mallik: I like to face mask a couple of times a week. I make my own exfoliating mask at home with milk, honey and ground nutmeg. I love to put the mask on and sit down with one of the many books on my current reading list.

Right now I am reading “You Are A Bad Ass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero. She shares her personal financial growth story with her quit wit and helps you navigate tough decisions about life and finances all while getting you excited to do so.

Matt Semrick

Matt Semrick: Breathing, mobility and stability drills. I’d like to say bodywork or something but it’s just not happening.

Bethany Vivo

Bethany Vivo: Get regular check-ups and blood work because as a woman of my current age I need to check into my body to prevent illness and imbalance.

I do not go for massage because I’m hypermobile so they usually release everything so I’m usually in pain afterwards, it makes me loosey-goosey. So Acupuncture is my go-to for bodywork.

I also have a portable infrared sauna I bought from amazon and I’m hoping to use it more this winter.

Dr Emily Kiberd

Dr Emily Kiberd: A twenty-minute Kettlebell quickie with swings, get-ups, and pressing. Pop all my supplements, all 20-ish of them. Jump in a Higher Dose sauna for a sweat sesh.

How do you de-stress

Adriana Lazare

Dr Adriana Lazare: Walks on the beach. Winter time walks are actually the best! It’s super crisp and quiet with a few people and their dogs. On the weekends we always watch the sunset from the sand. The ocean does me good! Also, I sage my house weekly – it clears the energy and makes me feel calmer.

Monisha Malik

Dr Monisha Mallik: Watching a comedy special or a funny TV show. I’m a fan of shows with dry humor like The Office. My rule is that I need to have a good hearty laugh once a day or my day is not complete!

Matt Semrick

Matt Semrick: I read, current Atomic Habits by James Clear…with coffee…in the very early morning…pretty much every day.

Bethany Vivo

Bethany Vivo: My number one go-to destresser is….wait for it, cleaning and get things organized, followed by selling things on Facebook marketplace.

Lastly, listening to a good audible book, (usually self-help) no fiction. I’m currently listening to Clean My Space by Melissa Maker. I love to stay home and decompress with a weighted blanket.

Dr Emily Kiberd

Dr Emily Kiberd: Who asked this question and what does it mean to de-stress anyway?!? Ha, just kidding it was me. But seriously, I like to view stress, confrontation, and obstacles as a moment to learn and grow. Instead of seeing stress as something to avoid, release, overcome, why not use stress as a place to rise above, show up as your best self, and use it as an opportunity to stop moaning and grow.

That being said, the most stressful part of my day is getting Elvis to school on time.

The rest of my day is filled with wonderful patients, cuddles with Baby boo Brooklyn, and an amazing team at Urban Wellness Clinic who all share a vision.

This vision is to elevate the health of our patients, help you busy New Yorkers get out of pain so you can show up as their best self for the people that matter the most. Show up for your kids, your family, your friends.

Walk your talk family! Do those rehab exercises, pick up something heavy with amazing form on repeat, eat protein, and remember to breathe. The days may feel long, but the years are short and minds well spend them feeling good in our body.

In Good Health,

Dr Emily Kiberd