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NYC’s Best Pilates Instructor Shares Her Essentials and Inspirations

Urban Wellness Clinic has NYC’s best pilate’s instructor tell us her essentials!

What foods & practices are essential to your wellbeing?

“Essential” is a strong word here, but my go to loves that make me feel good:

Apples, Avocados, Grapefruit, Almonds, Coconut water, D- Ribose, Sleep, Acupuncture and Massage.

What experiences nourish your soul when you’re feeling depleted?

Travel. Experiencing other countries is the best way for me to decompress and get out of any sort of rut. I love to wander around new places and immerse myself in other cultures.

I actually really appreciate criticism as long as it comes from an honest place.

My favorite places I’ve traveled to recently:

Tokyo: there is an amazing energy and dichotomy of total tranquility in the midst of chaos. It is completely different than any other culture I’ve experienced. I felt like I was in another world. A unique blend of old world beauty with dynamic modernism.

San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, love the serene untouched jungle. It feels Costa Rica before the tourists started going to Costa Rica.

Sailing in the beautiful French Antilles for 3 weeks, no contact with the outside world, no cell phones, no internet. It was the first time in years I felt truly decompressed from NYC. The nature was amazing, dolphin pods swam along side the boat and the fresh air was so good for the soul. It’s like camping on the water. 🙂

Pilates Instructor

How do you navigate negative thoughts or criticism?

I actually really appreciate criticism as long as it comes from an honest place. It can only make me grow and hopefully change for the better.

If it is obviously coming from a place of malice or pettiness, I ask myself  “What did that person want me to feel by being so negative to me, and why?”  And then I try to let it go.

If its coming from within me… I find a good yoga practice can pull me out of any foul mindset.

How do you hold yourself to walking your talk as a teacher? Any difficulties with this?

I keep educating myself. I keep working on myself and my own practice. I never teach anything that I can’t do myself. For the most part its just what I consider part of the job (to stay strong and healthy) but I have moments of laziness where I just want to veg out. I definitely have to pull myself out of that vibe when I get it, and being accountable to a room full of people waiting for me to inspire them out of that same feeling is a good motivator for me. I would never want someone leaving my class feeling let down or cheated.

What inspires you now to push the envelope, to expand, explore, evolve your skills?

I don’t want to my students or myself to get bored or stop growing. There’s always a way to take things further, you just have to get creative.

Any mentors along the way?

Romana Kryzanowska, Bob Liekens, JeanMarie Paolillo, Raghunath Cappo and David Regelin have all very much inspired me to be a better teacher and to keep exploring ways of doing that

What’s the philosophy of your own yoga and pilates practice?

You should be AS strong as you are flexible (or AS flexible as you are strong). I think that applies not just to the physical body, but to every aspect of your life and character. Its all about balance.

Do you have a go-to source if you get stuck with clients?

If its about an injury or impairment that I feel unfamiliar with or need a different approach to handling, I usually call Dr. Emily Kiberd. She always gives me a unique insight into how to approach the body from a totally different angle than anyone else does.