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29 / Understanding The 4 Pillars Of Gut Care w/ Dr. Vincent Pedre

One of the hottest topics in the health space right now is your gut and how to create a healthy microbiome. Did you know that you have over 100 trillion bacterias in your microbiome, including a large portion of our serotonin and memory function? This is why it is extra important to really understand what the microbiome is and how you can best protect it.

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After his own struggles with leaky gut and high inflammation, Dr. Vincent Pedre decided it was time to shift the conversation and focus on natural ways to help heal your body from the inside out. Dr. Pedre created a 28 day ‘Happy Gut Cleanse’ focused on the four pillars of gut care, including how to cleanse, activate, restore and enhance your gut health and microbiome so you can rediscover your relationship with food.

Today he is diving into everything from what signs you should be looking for signaling that your immune system has started to break down, why antibiotics could be doing more harm than good for your microbiome, and why you need to get your body to a blank slate to let your immune system communicate your bodies truth.

If you are looking to jump into learning about your gut health for the first time, or for those who have been struggling for a while, Dr. Pedre is here to help equip you with the tools to create a supportive and well functioning gut. Do the symptoms of leaky gut sound familiar to you? Let us know what you are struggling with in the comments.


In This Episode

  • Why you can’t have a happy brain without a happy gut
  • A breakdown of how your body breaks down gluten proteins and impacts your thyroid
  • What exactly is leaky gut and how to know when you have it
  • How antibiotics are affecting the microbiome and keeping you sick
  • Creating a diverse microbiome through a wide-reaching and natural diet



“We are each carrying around our own personal galaxy just within our gut” (1:58)

“You could probably pick people out walking down the street who have probably at some point suffered from leaky gut and are suffering from the consequences of that” (8:21)

“Every time you’re on a course of antibiotics, you don’t recover to the point that you were before, ever. “ (15:38)

“The idea is to really redefine your relationship with food and go into your future living like you are not on a diet, you are just on a lifestyle” (27:34)



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