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11 / The Trainer to the Superheroes w/ Don Saladino

Training smarter is certainly not the same thing as training harder. If you are a trainer, finding the right balance between the two so you can meet the needs of your clients and get them to their peak is not always an intuitive process. Performance expert and self-described gym-dork, Don Saladino and I discuss what it means to train intelligently to meet clients where they need you the most.


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Don is a trainer of some big-name athletes and celebrities who you might have seen in big screen action hero movies. He is a pro at training his clients to excel in their areas of need instead of pushing them to fit some unadjustable plan. For Don, getting healthy is an internal transformation as much, if not more, than an external and ascetic one.

In this episode, we talk about how we define success as a trainer. We get into why it takes a supportive family and a great business team to excel in this field and why it’s important to level-up smartly and build a brand focused on creativity. With this in mind, Don shares some great tips on how to succeed as a trainer.

If you are a trainer or even if you just use one, this is an episode not to be missed!

How do you train your clients in a healthy and supportive way while also growing a sustainable business? Let us know in the comments below!

In This Episode

  • The mental transformations necessary to getting fit and healthy
  • Why it’s important to take a break from your training from time to time
  • How to train smart by doing “the minimal effective dose”
  • Why the focus on variability in a training program is overblown


“Be the smartest coach but make things relatable to people. Allow them to have fun with their training.” [9:18]

“I do believe even if your body is feeling good you should scale back. You need to give your mind a little bit of a break. You need to go out, eat some burgers and drink a couple of beers and just detach yourself from it. Give your joints a little bit of a break.”  [18:48]

“I do believe now that if you want to get better at something you have to do it more frequently. But to do it more frequently you also have to cut back on the intensity a little bit.”  [38:37]


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