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7 / How to Train Your Muscle Fibers w/ Kara Kilian

Knowing about your muscle fiber types is incredibly crucial when it comes to physical conditioning. But just how can you find out what your specific fiber type is so you can use that knowledge to train effectively? The science behind this important topic is still pretty new, but Kara Kilian joins us today to break down this fascinating topic!


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Kara is on the cutting edge of fiber type science. Her understanding of muscular health goes all the way to the molecular level. She is a Muscle Research Coordinator in graduate school at California State Fullerton. Her current research involves muscle fiber type specific protein signaling in athletes during high-intensity interval exercise.

Kara has spent her life dealing with physical challenges and injuries which has sent her on a path of learning about the medical side of athleticism. Whether in the lab or the gym she wants to help athletes reach their top level of fitness. In this episode, she shares her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for her research and helping athletes train.

Have you wondered what your fiber type has to do with your physical conditioning and how you can change it with training? Leave a comment below!

In This Episode

  • The role of AMPK and how it acts as the master energy regulator in your body and how you can activate it in a healthy way
  • How hormonal changes throughout the month play a significant role in training programs for both men and women
  • The way you can take an active role in changing your muscle fiber types and why it’s different for every individual
  • What the muscles of the ideal athlete look like and how you could achieve that through diet and physical conditioning
  • The research behind how resistance training will help you build strength and maintain health for the long-term
  • The common mistakes and pitfalls people make during training and how you can avoid them
  • Why stress is a good thing in training and, in fact, is an essential part in of physical and mental improvement


“Every factor in your life really determines your fiber type, even your sleep.” [7:16]

“Everyone is trying to get rid of stress nowadays, but we got to remember that we need stress to be able to adapt and perform better.”  [31:55]

“You probably don’t want stress when you’re at the dinner table with family, but in training, you need some form of stress, or you don’t adapt.” [49:41]

“It’s funny how even just ten minutes a day of something high intensity can change your fiber type, your muscle structure, and your gains.” [53:06]


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