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Top 5 Things You Should Tell Your Chiropractor

Chiropractic care and alternative medicine is quickly becoming the first option of care for individuals. Why? Because we take a global approach to your current pain while also providing you with the tools to help you stay out of pain.

How do we take a global approach? We start by zooming out on your current pain and map out how it is that you got here. Yes, sometimes it is due to a direct trauma and you are able to tell us how it happened. But what about when you are dealing with pain that crept up quietly? That is where we help you see how the body changed over time based on what has happened in the past and how you are moving currently.

Your body has a unique story and we want to hear it so that we can better understand why you feel the way you do. This story also helps us unlock old patterns that have been created over time, but do not need to be there anymore. You may be wondering what aspects of your health history we need to know about outside of your current pain, so here are the 5 topics we dive into at Urban Wellness Clinic:

Have you had any surgeries?

I always ask my patients if they’ve had surgery in the past and they typically say, “Not for anything that has to do with why I am here today.” And I completely understand why that is the response. However, your body tells a story and how it functions now has a lot to do with what it has been through in the past.

The actual surgical procedure is not necessarily what we are wanting to dive into, rather the mark it has left behind. That’s right, your surgical scar(s) is what we are wanting to learn about.

A post surgical scar that forms can pull on fascia, which is a connective tissue that runs various courses along the body, wrapping around muscles and organs along the way. The scar can create a small, tight bundle of fascia which in turn pulls along the remaining fascial sheet. Think of it as plastic wrap being pulled on one side.

This pulling and tightening can create tension and compensatory patterns in the body. So although you had knee surgery years ago due to a skiing accident, it could actually be an implication as to why you are dealing with hip pain today.

Have you had prior injuries?

Just as surgeries can affect your body, prior injuries are vital to understand as it can alter the kinetic chain, i.e. the patterns your body uses to move. Tell your practitioner if you had an ankle sprain in the past, but did not get it treated because it wasn’t “that bad”. Or that you’ve gone to physical therapy in the past for a knee injury. Even if you were diagnosed and treated in the past, it can still help shed light on why your movement patterns have altered over time.

Are you on any medications?

Blood thinners can cause a reaction in the skin during some of the various treatment methods we use in the clinic. The two most notable ones being Graston Technique and Cupping.

If you are on blood thinners, you could have a heightened skin reaction to these two therapies that will lead to more damage to your skin rather than helping to alleviate inflammation and trigger points.

Although petechiae and bruising is normal with these two techniques, your practitioner will know what a normal skin response is regarding graston and cupping.

As Chiropractic Physicians, we do not prescribe medication, but we understand the side effects and reactions one can have from being on certain medications. So even if you feel that it is not ‘necessary’, go ahead and tell us everything you can about how your other providers are helping you. It could be the difference between a helpful treatment and an exaggerated skin reaction that causes more discomfort.

Urban Wellness Clinic - The Sweet Squat

What does your movement routine look like?

As movement experts, we need to know how you are currently moving so that we can understand how far you push yourself now. Our assessments include static and dynamic movements so that we can see how the body alters patterns. For example, how you sit at work all day can have an impact on how you move through your favorite HIIT class. What’s more, we are able to show where you can push yourself further or what movements you need to pull away from.

At Urban Wellness Clinic we like to pattern movements and build your strength from the Essential 7 Movements. These are the movements we utilize throughout our day to day outside of the gym. What are they?

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Hinge
  • Carry
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Anti-rotation

If you are already an athlete or strength trainer, we want to get our eyes on your movement patterns. Perhaps it’s just about cleaning up your form rather than changing your program. Or it’s about including the essential 7 movements so that you get the most out of your treatment and rehab.

Tell us honestly what you enjoy, how often you move and what will motivate you to create change. Working with your practitioner becomes easier and you get the most of your rehab .

What are your health goals?

Although you may seek out Chiropractic care due to pain from an injury, the beautiful thing about Chiropractic care is that it can be used as preventative medicine. Once you are out of acute pain, you can utilize chiropractic care to prevent re-injury and build strength.

Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor what your goals are. Your goal could be to deadlift heavier or simply be able to pick up your kiddos without having pain in your back. Your goal could be to do 15 pushups flawlessly even though you’ve never done a push up before. Or it could be to get better than your buddies at golf. What you see for yourself in the future helps us help you better. Think big! Don’t let your prior limitations (whether that be pain, age, or fear of movement) remain roadblocks for the way you see life going in the future.

These questions help us get to know you better and you can never tell us too much! If you have more questions about what all your initial assessment will entail, reach out to us at All of our practitioners are obsessed with movement and we want you to be obsessed with how well your body can move, too!

Yours In Health,

Dr. Monisha Mallik, D.C.