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92 / Tips for A Healthier Gut and Clear Skin with Jennifer Brand

Addressing gut health is often the key to clearing up your skin. But what if your child is showing signs of skin irritation? Luckily, I’ve brought someone on today who specializes in just that.

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Jennifer Caryn Brand is a clinical nutritionist who works in the unique niche of helping children with skin and gut conditions. She believes that we are all in charge of our own health. That’s why Jennifer makes it her mission to provide her clients with up to date scientific information and guidance. 

Jennifer talks about what to do if you notice rashes and irritation on your child’s skin. Eliminating gluten, eggs, and certain processed foods is a good place to start. However, there are issues that go beyond what they eat. We discuss how to look for signs that tell us to dig deeper.

Since the gut biome affects the entire body, it helps to understand how this connection works. Jennifer describes just what is going on in a healthy microbiome and what can upset that balance. Imbalances will lead to all sorts of different reactions that can pop up in various ways. That’s why understanding the importance of the gut microbiome of you and your child is critical to staying healthy.

Does your child have any of the issues we discuss in this episode? Tell me what’s helped (or what hasn’t) in the comments on the episode page!

In this episode

  • Common food triggers of skin irritation in children
  • The difference between food sensitivity, intolerance, and allergy
  • Identifying gut symptoms that are warning signs of a larger problem
  • What makes a healthy and diverse gut microbiome
  • Why it’s not normal for your kid to have stinky farts, smelly poo, and bad breath
  • Links between gut issues and developmental delays in children
  • Where to find nutrients that are important for healthy skin


“If we’re at a point where we’re removing whole real foods from the diet, the diet is getting smaller and smaller, then food is not the root cause of the problem.” [5:11]

“You really can weigh the pros and cons. Of course, we don’t want to have a skin rash flare or be uncomfortable. But sometimes it may be more important to let the kid have fun and to not give them disordered eating habits for the future.” [30:24]

“100% of my clients with skin rashes have had gut imbalances based on findings from the stool test. Once we start to address that and rebalance what’s happening, we start to see improvements on the skin.” [43:24]


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