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34 / Take Control Of Your Hormones With Essential Oils w/ Dr. Mariza Snyder

We all want the energy needed to go do the things that we love. But sometimes it’s our hormones that are standing in the way. If you’re chronically tired, stressed out, or just feeling out of it all the time, you might have a hormone imbalance. The great news is that there are simple and effective ways to help get you back on track!

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To call Dr. Mariza Snyder a chiropractor would be an understatement. She is also a functional practitioner, author of seven books, and a true advocate for the benefits of essential oils. Dr. Mariza has dedicated herself to elevating women’s health, particularly their hormones. As such, she has integrated nutrition, hormones, and essential oils into helping countless other women reclaim control of their health and wellbeing.

We sit down and talk about the role that essential oils can play in helping you stay healthy. Dr. Mariza breaks down the science and chemistry behind these natural oils so that you can better understand just how and why to make them part of your health practices.

We continue our conversation to talk about hormone imbalances and healthy ways that you can retake control of your hormones. As Dr. Mariza explains, hormones and metabolism are integrally connected so getting your hormones balanced is key to getting weight under control. She also drops some truths about the dangers of so many of the synthetic products in most households today and how they can disrupt a healthy hormonal system.

Have you used essential oils to help with stress or hormonal issues? Let me know how it went in the comments below!


In this episode:

  • Dr. Mariza’s journey to discovering the importance of hormonal health
  • What the research says about the efficacy of essential oils in maintaining your wellbeing
  • How to identify quality versus sub-par essential oils
  • How to get your weight under control by first getting your hormones in balance
  • Using oils to reduce the toxic load in your life and handle perceived stress
  • Dr. Mariza’s favorite oils for stressed out people



“I realized that although I was taking care of these women and I was developing protocols, there wasn’t a lot out there. Hormones were such a taboo thing, although hormones are what allows women to make the world!” [5:02]

“When it comes to essential oils, it’s literally leveraging plant chemistry which was medicine well before modern medicine was medicine.” [8:54]

“There’s a couple different things we can do to reset our hormones and stress is playing a big role in that. It’s chemical, it’s physical, it’s emotional… What we put into our bodies — the food, the medicine, all of that — that’s a chemical stressor. Depending on what we’re eating, we can really stress the system as well.” [18:48]

“Health doesn’t have to be painful. It can be this really joyful experience. It can be punctuated with these moments that we relish.” [27:22]



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