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The Dangers of Sitting

Ergonomics at Urban Wellness Clinic

We all know sitting is a killer, especially in NYC where some of us sit 12-14 hours a day at work alone. We feel pain, tightness, tension in our upper back, low back, wrists, hell the whole body, not to mention a flat tushy. It can lead to headaches, a foggy mind, and new research shows that sitting can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and make us fat

Posture Essentials Checklist

The average office worker sits 48,360 hours over a 30-year career. That’s 5 years of our life! We were not meant to sit more than 20-30 minutes, life is meant to be dynamic and full of linear, spiral, dynamic movements. The article above is a great start on how to combat some of the effects of sitting.

Here at Urban Wellness Clinic, we teach you the tools to combat the effects of sitting and prevent chronic overuse injuries.

Check out what we offer on site to combat poor posture and the overuse injuries associated with sitting from every angle:

Corporate Wellness Program

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