Shoulder Tendinitis

What is shoulder tendinitis?

Shoulder tendinitis is caused by inflammation of the shoulder tendons and tiny tears in the surrounding area, this injury typically takes place there is too much pressure or weight placed on the tendon. This overloading can lead to pain, discomfort, and swollen tissue from the tears.

What is shoulder tendinosis?

Whereas tendinitis occurs when an injury takes place, tendonosis is the result of chronic trauma and poor healing in that region. Once these bouts of tendinitis become a repetitive and persistent issue, collagen is lost, which results in weakness to the area.

What are symptoms of shoulder tendonitis / tendinosis?

You may feel weakness in the affected area, along with swollen tissue, stiffness, limited mobility, some painful tenderness and general discomfort.

How do we treat shoulder tendonitis / tendinosis?

With a period of rest and relaxation, along with several sessions of physical therapy, you will be on your way to recovery. We will examine the troubled area to determine the extent of injury and figure out which type of exercises will help you heal as fast as possible. We use a gentle approach to strengthen the tendons and help stabilize the shoulder joint.