Shoulder Impingement

What is shoulder impingement?

Shoulder impingement is a painful injury that occurs when the tendons within the rotator cuff become sore, swollen and irritated. Initially causing loss of strength, lack of mobility, and soreness, shoulder impingement can eventually lead to tears in the tendons.

What are symptoms of shoulder impingement?

Typically, you will find yourself struggling to reach above your head or behind your back, with both movements causing numbness, pain and a feeling of weakness in the shoulder and arm. If your shoulder impingement is due to a recent accident or injury, you may notice sharp bursts of pain radiating through the affected area, even when not lifting anything heavy or moving the arm at all. You may also experience a grinding or popping feeling in your shoulder when you try to move your arm around.

How do we treat shoulder impingement?

Our team focuses on maintaining flexibility and movement in the injured area, while simultaneously strengthening the surrounding muscles and minimizing pain. We stretch the shoulder muscles so that you stay limber, flexible, and prevent your shoulder from freezing up or getting too stiff during the recovery process.