Shoulder Dislocation

What is shoulder dislocation?

A shoulder dislocation occurs when the upper portion of the arm bone comes out of the socket from the shoulder joint. This injury often happens from getting hit from behind or a throwing injury when predisposed to hypermobility.

What are the symptoms of shoulder dislocation?

An immediate sharp sensation of pain in the area followed by bruising and swelling. Depending on how intense the dislocation, you may even notice your shoulder appearing deformed or out of place. Along with the more immediate and obvious symptoms, you may also notice some tingling sensation or numbness in the area, stretching from your neck all the way down the length of arm. One of the least pleasant side effects of a shoulder dislocation are the muscle spasms, which are a perfectly normal reaction to the dislocation and can unfortunately cause a severe amount of pain.

What is our treatment for shoulder dislocation?

Once your shoulder is relocated, our staff will work with you to reduce inflammation in the area and then create strength to reduce the possibility of future dislocation.