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83 / 3 Shifts to Make In Your Workout When Living with Hashimoto’s

A Hashimoto’s diagnosis often means frustration. Typical workouts and treatments may not work and feeling defeated is a common consequence. Living with Hashimoto’s means making adjustments. This is particularly true when it comes to your workout. In today’s episode, I’m sharing three important changes you absolutely must make to finally lose that weight, wake up pain-free, and get your life back.

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This clear plan of workout will leave you with an abundance of energy and a feeling of satisfaction. The first big shift to make is ending chronic cardio exercises. Heavy cardio workouts can leave us feeling worn out and actually lead to weight gain. It’s also hard on the joints, something that will only compound the symptoms of Hashimoto’s. Instead, shifting to exercising with heavy weights will stimulate the right muscle fibers and lead to better results.

The next shift is moving away from frequent stretching and yoga. This will relieve joint pain and tight muscles. While it may help you feel better in the short-term, after a few days you’ll feel worse. This is because stretching will exacerbate hyper-mobility, something women with autoimmune diseases already struggle with.

Finally, it’s time to stop exercising so hard. We want our exercises to make us feel better. Overdoing it, however, will only make the fatigue and brain fog worse. With Hashimoto’s, finding the “Goldilocks dose” of exercise is the key to feeling good. I’ve found that the sweet spot for women with autoimmune conditions is 20 to 25 minutes of strength training, two to three times a week. In the end, it’s about quality over quantity.

With all this in mind, I’ve built a unique program specifically for women who are ready to get exercising again and thrive despite their Hashimoto’s diagnosis. Thyroid Strong is a 6-week training program that will walk you through the solutions you need to feel strong and confident in your body without the fear of set-backs, injury, or frustrating progress plateaus.

What frustrations have you faced after an autoimmune diagnosis? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

In this episode

  • Why cardio workouts can make Hashimoto’s symptoms worse
  • How to stimulate the right muscle fibers through weight training
  • Why stretching and yoga exercises may make your muscles and joints feel worse
  • What happens when you workout smarter, not harder
  • How Thyroid Strong will help you get your health back after a Hashimoto’s diagnosis


“Taking charge of your workouts means you’re letting go of old exercise habits.” [5:29]

“Just think of the muscle as our metabolic engine. It is what gives us energy. As women with Hashimoto’s, we have low muscle mass. It’s just harder to keep the meat on the bones.” [10:02]

“It’s important to remember we’re all starting in different places. Your journey is not going to look like my journey or another woman’s journey.” [17:48]


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