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Yoga Therapy

Benefits Of Yoga Therapy:

  • Prevents injuries with more flexibility
  • Improves your balance and posture
  • Stretches and revitalizes muscles
  • Deepens the breath, for a healthier body and relaxed mind
  • Corporate yoga increases productivity

Yoga Therapy Is Good For Anyone:

  • In pain, especially from headaches or repetitive-motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • With muscle tension
  • Spending long periods of time sitting at the computer

Our Approach To Yoga Therapy

At UWC, we offer yoga as a potent diagnostic to discover your body’s proper alignment. How do you stand? Which muscles do you use? How do you shift from one pose to the next? Correct form spurs your natural ability to heal, so we track your moves, with an eye toward keeping the body flexible, balanced, and strong. Bonus: yoga therapy deepens the breath, which calms the nervous system and sends more oxygen to tight muscles.

Your Visit

Expect a vital yoga practice that pumps up your energy levels and heals your pain. Each session is designed with you in mind, based on your unique physical needs. Founder Dr. Emily Kiberd, a medical-yoga expert with over 15 years of experience, develops each sequence of exercises. By the end of your visit, you’ll feel stronger and walk taller—your mind and spine will thank you.

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