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Running Injury Treatment

Our Approach to Running Injuries

Running injuries happen. Whether you’re just working your way up to your first 5k or are an elite marathoner, the team of experts at our running injury clinic has years of experience and cutting edge techniques to heal your current injuries and help prevent future ones from taking a toll on your body and your training routine.

Urban Wellness Clinic is your go-to for running injury treatment in NYC. We specialize in chiropractic care for runners—including pre-marathon adjustments and marathon recovery; treatments for runner’s knee and other injuries; as well as gait assessment, and functional strengthening exercises and programs.

Our multidisciplinary approach will have you back in the fast lane and stronger than ever in no time.

Benefits Of Running Injury Treatment:

  • Tackles pain at the source
  • Gets the body fit and strong, quicker
  • Increases flexibility in the joints and muscles
  • Improves circulation around scar tissue
  • Teaches you how to prevent recurring running injuries
  • Gets you back to what you love to do, faster

Treatment Is Good For Anyone:

  • With a calf, knee, hip, hamstring, or groin injury
  • With running induced sciatica
  • In persistent chronic pain
  • With limited mobility or post-surgery scar tissue
  • Striving toward their highest training potential
  • Training for a marathon
  • Recovering from a marathon
  • With plantar fasciitis
  • Running related ITB syndrome

Your Visit

At Urban Wellness Clinic, running injury treatments have three key phases: a thorough assessment, treatment, and tools so you can take charge of your recovery for the long haul.

Our goal is to restore your body’s natural movements so you can get back on the road fast and pain-free. We start with an in-depth examination of your health history, your specific goals, and how you move, to understand why you’re in pain. Then our expert team of doctors, therapists, chiropractors, and trainers at our running injury clinic will work together to design a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan utilizing the latest and most effective physical therapy treatments for a speedy and full recovery. Our treatments include:

Our 6-Part Assessment

  • You’ll be asked to run with and without shoes on to look for compensations in your body.
  • A Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) will be completed to identify why you are in pain and determine whether it is a mobility or stability issue.
  • We use Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), which is hands-on muscle testing, to quickly diagnose why a muscle is tense and overcompensating for weakness in other parts of the body. We like to test—not guess—to get to the root of the problem for the fastest recovery possible. For example, tight hamstrings in runners is often due to an underlying weak core. The hamstrings lock down when we don’t move from our core. We see this often with runners who have a heavy heel strike and land with their foot out in front of them, away from their center of gravity.
  • Active Release Technique (ART) is the most effective approach and gold standard in release of a tight muscle (or nerve in the case of running induced sciatic pain).This custom tailored treatment evaluates your body’s muscles and tense spots to uncover scar tissue that’s formed from acute trauma or long-term overuse. You’ll experienced the freeing of compressed nerves, improved oxygen flow, pain relief, and restored movement.
  • We then use Anatomy in Motion (AIM) to rehab a new and healthy gait pattern. AIM is all about helping find our body’s center through every joint, every part of each gait cycle, and all three planes of motion.
  • Lastly, we collaborate with Pose Method Running instructors to make the most efficient gait cycle possible and to reduce the incidence of future injuries.

Injury Treatment Length

Depending on diagnosis, most patients will receive treatment once or twice weekly for a period of four to twelve weeks. Of course this is subject to adjustment based on factors like severity, location, and how long you’ve had the injury. Long-standing injuries often require a longer treatment plan. The good news is, most patients begin to see a noticeable improvement in pain and functionality after a few treatments.

Gait Assessment Tests

By assessing your gait, we’re also able to answer a broad range of running-related questions. We can tell you if you’d benefit from orthotics or should slowly be transitioning away from orthotics; whether you should aim to keep your strike on your heel, or transition you to a more efficient midfoot or forefoot strike; whether you should lift your knees or pull more with your hamstrings; and the right kind of running shoes for your specific gait. We believe in assessing your gait on the ground—not on a treadmill—for a more accurate representation.

Pose Method For Prevention

We’re advocates of the Pose Method, a more efficient running stance that optimizes performance, prevents injury, and lessens the strain on the knees. By combining video analysis and various drills we’re able to help you develop a smooth, fast gait that will ensure a pain-free running experience.

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