Personal Training

Benefits Of Personal Training:

  • Introduces correct form and movement so you get strong without injury
  • Adapts to your own speed, needs, and lifestyle—with professional support
  • Gets you fit: stronger, more flexible, more resilient
  • Motivates you to reach your health goals faster

Personal Training Is Good For Anyone:

  • With old injuries
  • With a busy schedule
  • Striving to be stronger
  • Avoiding injury while preparing for an event: marathons, Ironman Triathlons, StrongFirst certification, etc.
  • New to personal training, who wants specific guidance under medical supervision

Our Approach To Personal Training

Whether you’re a rookie or an athletic pro, we have you covered. Everyone wins when they improve their form, and we’re dedicated to empowering you to perform faster and stronger, while staying safe from injury. By working one-on-one, our trainer notes weak or imbalanced movement patterns, and eliminates the potential for dangerous motions.

We take your commitment to long-term health seriously. Our training programs are specific to you, and all exercises are jointly designed and vetted by our doctors and trainers. You can be confident your training is an efficient, safe, and highly motivated way to achieve real results, backed by medical opinion.

Your Visit

Our focus is on you. Together, let’s discuss your fitness goals and concerns. After a head-to-toe movement screening, your doctor and trainer will design a comprehensive program to get you moving to your highest potential, 100% geared to you and your needs. Each session is a giant leap toward greater strength and resiliency. No need to go it alone—we’re here to motivate you to move stronger, smarter, and pain-free.