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Nutritional Therapy

Our Approach To Nutritional Therapy

We put stock in a basic premise: what you eat relates to how you—and your body!—feel and move. No need for fad diets or endless calculations. We advocate and teach balanced nutrition, based on whole foods and consistent eating habits. We combine principles from several powerful holistic diet programs: Paleo, Ketogenic, Primal, Whole30, and Diabetes diets to help your body run efficiently and get you feeling your best.

Our individual plans improve energy and fitness levels, sharpen your mind, support healthy gut function, and, most important, pinpoint and cut out sources of inflammation. Foods that spark systemic inflammation slow your recovery; our nutritionist works in tandem with your doctor to ensure you’re back on track.

Benefits Of Nutritional Therapy:

  • Creates a healthy, balanced diet—that’s right for you
  • Keeps your body’s energy levels consistent
  • Treats gastrointestinal issues and reduces stress
  • Supports your body’s metabolism, in pursuit of personal weight goals

Nutritional Therapy Is Good For Anyone:

  • With autoimmune conditions, inflammatory disorders, weight loss or gain, metabolic diseases
  • With fitness or weight goals
  • In need of more energy and stamina
  • With gut-health concerns
  • Aspiring to eat healthier
  • Avoiding the 3pm slump and brain fog
  • Preparing for a marathon, triathlon, or Strong First event

Your Visit

Every plan is designed special for you. We start with a thorough consultation and series of blood tests to check your hormone levels, adrenal function, and any vitamin deficiencies. We’ll also ask you to keep a food journal for a week, logging everything you eat and drink, including the time, frequency, and your emotions. After this initial evaluation, we prescribe specific recommendations, so you feel better and heal faster.

If you’re seeking a thorough and experienced holistic nutritionist in NYC, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to call us at 212-355-0445 or email to make an appointment with our nutritionist Dr Kaitlyn Clarke.

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