Corporate Yoga

Our Approach to Workplace Yoga

You know what office jobs require – your employees sit all day, and you likely do too. The work of today’s world requires stillness, focus, and concentration. So how do we offset those hours of your body sitting all day? We have the solution! We have developed a Yoga practice with a focus on reversing the body’s compensations for prolonged sitting, helping employees find a fuller range of motion and strengthening those weak and underused muscles. When sitting for long periods of time, the hip flexors in your legs get short and tight from the lack of physical activity. Tight muscles can lead to back pain, hip impingement, and even degeneration of the joints. By taking the time to breath and stretch in the midst of a sedentary workday, you can increase your flexibility, improve circulation, and correct your posture – all at the same time.

The icing on the Yoga cake? Stress relief, mental clarity, a happier body and a noticeable decrease in tension and fatigue. The manifold tangible benefits of yoga make our workplace yoga program a fun, healthy, and effective way to boost morale and productivity in the office. Yoga therapy improves posture, relieves aches from sitting and staring at screens, prevents repetitive-motion injuries like carpal tunnel, and clears the mind—so you and your employees avoid that afternoon energy slump. With Urban Wellness, expect a personalized yoga practice to lift energy and kick-start healing. We offer two options: lay down the mats and sweat it out, or enjoy a yoga lunch seated around a conference table and learn moves to stay limber while at your desk!

Benefits Of Corporate Yoga

  • Increased in flexibility and improved circulation
  • Improved posture
  • Boosted energy and motivation
  • Increased concentration and focus

Corporate Yoga Is Good For Anyone:

  • Suffering from tight muscles due to sitting for long hours
  • Experiencing trouble concentrating at work
  • Who is stressed or anxiety-prone

Our Visit To Your Company

Lunch and Learn Yoga 

In this option, we’ll meet in your office gym or conference room. We’ll lay down mats and one of our yoga therapy specialists will guide you and your staff in an active, alignment-centered yoga class. We’ll focus on relieving the body from the strains of sitting and on strengthening the core and back to improve posture and prevent workplace aches and pains. Stand taller and recharge your focus.

Roll Out Those Mats

No floor space? No problem! Get the same benefits as above, but with no change of clothes, sweating, or yoga mats. We’ll sit around your conference room table, lunch-and-learn style, while offering simple and effective yoga you can do right in your chair. This office-friendly yoga therapy will emphasize stretching and strengthening, giving you the tools for a pain-free spine. Yoga at your desk may seem like an oxymoron but there are several exercises you can do to engage your core, stretch, work your glutes, and more, all without making a getting up from your desk!

Our workplace yoga therapy goes hand in hand with our other corporate wellness programs such as chair massage and ergonomic assessments, if you are interested in designing a fuller experience for your employees. For quotes or more information,