Nutrition Counseling

How we nourish ourselves is a crucial cornerstone of fitness—80 percent of weight loss is a direct result of changing our dietary habits, while 20 percent comes from exercise. But good nutrition can be an afterthought in the daily hustle. Let us help. Tap into the power of whole foods: in our Nutrition Counseling workshop, our expert nutritionist leads you through the principles of food as medicine. Get healthier, toned, and more focused—by shifting what you eat.

Via group and one-on-one nutrition consultations, you’ll learn:

  • Which foods spur concentration and keep your mind clear? Which make you sluggish, and inflame your tissues?
  • How to shed fat, without feeling deprived—or hangry!
  • How to build and maintain healthy eating habits (even in the Midtown food desert)
  • How to combine a balanced diet with effective exercises—so you achieve your fitness goals