Nutrition Counseling

Our Approach to Corporate Nutrition Counseling:

We keep nutrition simple. We know through practice and observation that food can be an effective tool to boost energy, clear the mind, and maintain a healthy body. How we nourish ourselves is a crucial cornerstone of physical and mental health. Don’t believe us? Did you know that 80 percent of weight loss is a direct result of changing our dietary habits, while only 20 percent comes from exercise? Food can be a powerful medicine, but it can also be a detrimental force if we’re not educated and aware of the effects of what we’re putting into our body. Good nutrition can fall to the wayside as we go about our busy lives. Let us teach you the practical, yet powerful tools you can use to make food your friend, not your foe.

We offer both group and one-on-one nutrition consultations. In both settings you’ll learn:

  • Which foods spur concentration and keep your mind clear.
  • Which foods to avoid – those that make you sluggish, and inflame your tissues.
  • How to shed fat, without feeling deprived—or hangry!
  • How to build and maintain healthy eating habits (even in the Midtown food desert).
  • How to combine a balanced diet with effective exercise—giving you the tools to achieve your fitness goals.

Benefits Of Corporate Nutrition Counseling:

  • Learn how to increase energy and productivity
  • Increase your overall health and wellbeing
  • Practical and effective tools for weight management

Corporate Nutrition Counseling Is Good For Anyone:

  • Struggling with their weight
  • Reaching for that late afternoon coffee to stay awake
  • Experiencing low-energy and motivation at work

Our Visit To Your Company

Nutrition Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn in which we’ll discuss how to optimize your nutrition, use food as medicine, and utilize food to beat that 2pm slump. We’ll help you tap into the power of whole foods as one of our expert nutritionist leads you through the principles of “food as medicine”. Get healthier, toned, and more focused— all by shifting what you eat. We’ll go over how the food a person eats not only affects their appearance and weight, but has an immense impact on mood, attention span, ability to focus, and tolerance for sitting in one place for long periods of time. Your employees’ consumption of nutritious food, or lack thereof determines whether they remain sharp and attentive, or tired and hazy. We’ll go over how foods high in antioxidants maintain brain health and alertness and how choosing healthy fats, colorful whole foods, and avoiding processed anything sets up the body and mind for success.

One on One Nutrition Assessments:

For a deeper dive, we also offer one-on-one nutrition assessments, in which we’ll review a food diary with each employee. Through the food diary evaluations we’ll strategize ways to replace not-so-good food choices with optimal ones. We’ll contact your participating employees several days before the individual assessments and provide them with instructions on how to keep and maintain their food diary. On the day of the assessments, we’ll sit down privately with each employee, review their eating habits, and discuss how they can optimize their food intake to increase their energy and improve their overall health. We take into account each individual’s body type, medical history, and specific concerns to most accurately identify the optimal foods and eating habits for them. Employees love the personalized attention of our one-on-one nutrition assessments and we leave everyone with tools to live better, stronger, and in optimal health.

Our nutrition counseling goes hand in hand with our other corporate wellness programs such as yoga and ergonomic assessments, if you are interested in designing a fuller experience for your employees. For quotes or more information,