Ergonomic Assessment

Our Approach to Ergonomics Assessments

It’s not rocket science – the way a person sits all day affects how they feel. In this technological age, where we’re sitting in front of a screen, sedentary, and at less-than-ideal angles, our bodies and minds are paying the price in the form of postural imbalances, repetitive strain injuries, fatigue, and low morale. That’s why we’ve created our in-depth workplace Ergonomic Assessment workshop.

We’ll dive into the benefits of good posture, and how you can prevent injuries through a proper desk set-up and simple stretches. We’ll then put our recommendations into quick and effective action – modifying your employee’s workstations or recommending changes based on their specific needs or pre-existing injuries. Our medical knowledge of injuries and our years of coaching for good posture elevate our workshop beyond your standard ergonomic tutorials. Our program is designed to boost morale, heal pain, and bring clarity of mind to your employee’s day. We know that optimum efficiency relies, in large part, on healthy, happy, and comfortable employees. Work with ease, and get ready to feel the difference!

Benefits Of Workplace Ergonomic Assessments:

  • Improves posture
  • Increases efficiency and morale
  • Prevents workplace injuries
  • Elevates mood

Workplace Ergonomics Is Good For Anyone:

  • Seated at a computer for long hours
  • Experiencing work-related aches or pains
  • With poor posture
  • Experiencing low-engagement at work

Our Visit To Your Company

Ergonomic Lunch and Learn

A lunch and learn talk about the benefits of good posture, the physical and mental consequences of bad posture, and techniques on how to improve each employee’s ergonomic desk set up. We come to the table with in-depth medical and ergonomic expertise, and we encourage your employees to ask us anything that concerns them about their posture, desk-setup, and how to manage injuries by optimizing your workstation.

We’ll cover all the important ergonomic guidelines, such as:

  • Employees should be able to sit with the spine lengthened and neck long and slightly tucked.
  • They can tilt the seat and raise or lower it so the pelvis is angled slightly forward and the knees are slightly lower than hip level.
  • Forearms, wrists, and hands should be straight and almost parallel to the floor.
  • Head and torso are in line, head slightly bent forward, facing toward the front.
  • Shoulders are relaxed with upper arms hanging normally at sides of the body.
  • Elbows are close to the body and bent between 90 and 100 degrees.

We’ve got you covered for a thorough and deep-diving conversation with your staff, which will leave each employee confident and able to optimize their workstation for physical comfort and mental clarity.

One on One Ergonomic Assessments

One-on-one assessments in which we evaluate each employee’s workstation, and adjust as needed for total ergonomic health. Each personal ergonomic workstation assessment lasts about 15 to 20 minutes and provides us with the information needed to apply ergonomic best practices to reduce risk of injury. We’ll take before and after photos, since we’ve learned over our many years our experience, some people think they are sitting well, but in fact look less than optimal. A picture never lies. We’ll go over our in-depth workstation ergonomic assessment checklist that covers everything from chair positioning and arm placement to screen height and lighting. Once we’ve assessed each workstation, we set out to mitigate risks. What works for one person, isn’t going to work for another. That’s why we hone in on the specific issues and physical ailments of each employee and work to create a space geared toward each individual situation. Someone suffering from headaches, for example, will get different recommendations than someone who has a back injury. But we also look at simple things, like if they are right or left handed, and their height.

Our ergonomic assessments go hand in hand with our other corporate wellness programs such as workplace yoga and chair massage therapy, if you are interested in designing a fuller experience for your employees. For quotes or more information: