Scapular Dyskinesis Pain

What are scapular dyskinesis?

Scapular or shoulder blade dysfunctions are typically the result of unsynchronized and uncoordinated movement of the muscles that surround the shoulder including the trapezius, rhomboid and serratus anterior muscles. Any change in the activation of these muscles or posturally how someone holds their shoulders on their back call fall under the umbrella of scapular dyskinesis.

What are symptoms of scapular dyskinesis Pain?

  •         Pain, irritation, and sensations of tenderness when lifting the arm above the head.
  •         Discomfort and pain when holding heavy items..
  •         Reduced strength in the shoulder and arm that is injured.
  •         A popping noise when moving the shoulder in various directions.
  •         Change in posture – with the impacted side sloping down.
  •         Instability – the injured shoulder feels like it is moving out of the socket.

If you suffer from kyphosis, take part in sports that require you to lift your arms overhead, or if you are lacking strength and flexibility in the shoulders, arms, or core you may be at higher risk for scapular dysfunctions.

How do we treat scapular dyskinesis?

Our highly skilled doctors of chiropractic and movement therapists will help reduce inflammation and retrain your shoulders and core with proper scapular movement.  We work on stretching and strengthening the impacted shoulder and surrounding musculature to restore movement and strength.