Sacroiliac Dysfunction/Pain

What is sacroiliac dysfunction?

The sacroiliac joint is located inside the pelvis and can sometimes become inflamed, leading to sacroiliac dysfunction and low back pain, thighs, buttocks and other parts of the body, depending on the amount of dysfunction.

What are the symptoms of sacroiliac dysfunction?

Pain in the lower back, buttocks, hips, groin, and pelvis, discomfort when switching from a sitting position to standing (or vice versa), a sensation of your legs giving out, tingling and numbness in the lower back, and stiffness when walking.

How do we treat sacroiliac dysfunction?

We use heat and ice treatments and stretching/strengthening exercises to help you strengthen your back and relieve pressure off your lower back. We look for compensation patterns to see which parts of your body are overworking to make up for your sacroiliac injury. We aim to find the root cause of your injury by watching how you move your body, sit and walk so that we can tailor a recovery plan specific to your type of injury.