Runner’s Knee

What is runner’s knee?

Formally known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, this injury often impacts runners, with around 20% of athletes diagnosed with runner’s knee every year. Typically, this disorder comes from overuse (excess running), issues with the feet, direct injury to the knee, and underdeveloped thigh muscles.

What are the symptoms of runner’s knee?

When you are suffering from runner’s knee, you will notice some pain and swelling around the kneecaps, increased discomfort when walking down a flight of stairs, and a popping or grinding feeling in the impacted area as well.

How do we treat runner’s knee?

Along with the RICE method, our therapists will recommend some stretching and strengthening workouts to help you take some of pressure off your knee and increase your flexibility. We also recommend some hip and ab strengthening exercises that will help you not only become a better runner, but allow you to avoid injury in the future as well.