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93 / Getting to the Root Cause of your Infertility with Jennifer Zucconi

Infertility can be a heartbreaking situation. What makes it even more difficult is the uncertainty that often lies behind its cause. There are many factors that can lead to infertility. Hypothyroidism is one of them. Today’s guest supports couples struggling with hypothyroidism overcome their issues with infertility.

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Jennifer Zucconi is a functional dietician who believes that every woman is uniquely and wonderfully made and that inside her rests the potential to bring a miraculous gift into the world. By using the healing powers of food and lifestyle, Jennifer helps women optimize their thyroid, nourish their pre-pregnancy health, and nurture their possibilities of bringing a new life into their families.

Many women in this situation probably feel that they’re doing everything possible but still are getting nowhere. Jennifer tells her clients to look beyond just the perceived problems. It is important to look at the entire sense of yourself that goes far beyond just reproduction. Viewing the body as one complex and interconnected system is the first step to getting to the root cause of any issue.

It takes time to prepare for pregnancy. Optimizing nutrition months ahead of time can do a lot of good. Jennifer describes how nourishing the whole body does wonders. High-quality foods lead to better health overall and this has a huge effect on fertility. The least processed the food the better.

Have you struggled to get to the root of a fertility problem? Tell me what you did in the comments on the episode page!

In this episode

  • How pregnancy and infertility involves the whole couple
  • Labs to consider when looking for the root cause of infertility
  • What it means to optimize nutrition for pregnancy 
  • Special concerns and challenges for vegans 
  • Exercising without overstressing the body and reducing reproductive hormones
  • What has shifted during the time of COVID 19


“This isn’t just about you. This is about you plural. This is about you and your spouse or partner. This is a journey that you’re both on.” [2:33]

“If we’re not moving our bodies, or if our relationships are in turmoil and causing stress, a great plate [of food] is not going to do anything for you.” [15:55]

“It’s so simple. It’s what we do three times a day on average. There is such power in food, and harm when we look at it from both of those ends.” [27:11]

“I don’t want to turn my own anxiety up prematurely before my emotions have been given a chance to just live in the present and in the anticipatory hope of the future I still want to call my own.” [36:37]


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