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15 / Rehabbing the SoulCycle Stars w/ Corinne Croce

Most people see physical therapy as a response to an injury. Corinne Croce sees it differently. To her, and a growing number of physical therapists, PT is a regular part of life that will help you maintain a strong and healthy body.

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Corinne is redefining what the physical therapy industry is doing. She is a manual therapist who helps her patients integrate their therapy into different aspects of their daily lives. She is also the lead  PT at SoulCycle where she trains instructors and helps them stay in top physical shape.

In this conversation, we discuss why most people only go use physical therapy when they are injured or hurting and why that is a mistake. This is especially important for trainers themselves. As someone who has trained hundreds of trainers, Corinne has helped disseminate her message of sustainable physical therapy throughout the industry.

Do you integrate regular physical therapy into your daily life? Tell me about it in the comments!


About Corinne

Corinne Croce is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Corinne received her BA in communications from Arizona State University and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York University.

Corinne has practiced for over ten years in Manhattan and currently has her own company, which is in the midst of a big expansion. Corinne is also the in-house SoulCycle Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Corinne prides herself on personalized care, client relationships, a whole body treatment approach and encouraging people to look at Physical Therapy as a regular part of their wellness routine. Corinne uses manual therapy and other specialized techniques to achieve great results with her clients: some of her most successful techniques are from certifications in ART, FRR, SMFA, FMS and ANF.
Corinne works with movement and strength coaches, and she has completed her Level 2 Precision Nutrition certification to offer clients expertise in all areas of health. Corinne has strong connections in the medical and fitness industry and prides herself on collaborating with the best to bring the best to her clients.
Through expert care, guidance and confidence in oneself Corinne trusts everyone is capable of meeting their desired goals and she will
do whatever she can to get you there.

In this episode

  • Why a physical therapist should be a partner in helping you maintain your health
  • The importance of community and learning from each other
  • What burn-out looks like and how to deal with it when it happens
  • Learning from a wide range of disciplines so that you are armed with all the information necessary to help your clients
  • Growing your own PT business



“I don’t think physical therapy should be injury based. I think it should be something that is part of your life.” [00:38]

“You don’t have to necessarily have to have a physical career in order to need this stuff. Sitting at desks, as we know, can be one of the most straining things on your body.”[15:22]

“You’re only as good as you are if you’re taking care of yourself. If you’re burnt out, you’re not going to be good to your clients.” [42:48]



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