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Recovering From A C-Section

If you’re a new mom recovering from a C-section, the aftermath can feel overwhelming. It’s natural to put your new baby’s care above your own, but failing to look after C-section scars can have serious consequences. Most hospitals do next to nothing to prepare moms for the recovery process, which is why the medical specialists and chiropractors at Urban Wellness Clinic in New York City share some important facts about scar tissue from a cesarean.

Take It Easy: Too many new moms don’t take this advice seriously, but ignoring it can lead to more pain and discomfort. Avoid lifting anything heavier than our baby. We highly recommend walking for at least 5-10 minutes the first five days after the C-section, studies show this speeds the healing process. Allow yourself to ask for help from family and friends, even if it doesn’t come naturally, your body and baby will thank you. Make sure you get enough sleep and don’t leap back into a workout routine until after your six week check up.

Check Out Lymphatic & Myofascial Massage: As soon as your doctor says it’s okay, seek out lymphatic and myofascial massage at a wellness clinic. These specialized massage techniques encourage proper drainage of inflammation and allows for scar tissue healing. When scars don’t heal properly, it can cause residual nerve and muscle pain. More importantly, scar tissue can change how you walk and your posture so get assessed! A targeted massage from a professional medical provider like Urban Wellness Clinic can make a dramatic difference.

Consider Scar Tissue Active Release Therapy: Even old scars can benefit from scar tissue release therapy. When performed by a professional, scar tissue therapy can not only increase blood flow, which encourages healing and decreases residual pain, but also minimize the appearance of scars. This release is so pertinent with old C-section scars that create a tugging feeling around the lower abdomen and into the groin causing hip pain and numbness.

If you’re considering a C-section, or have already undergone one, and want to talk to a women’s health specialist about all of your options for an optimal recovery, call Urban Wellness Clinic at (212) 355-0445.