Quadriceps Muscle Strain

What is a quadriceps muscle strain?

Quadriceps Muscle Strains occur when one or more of the four quadricep muscles are stretched too far, causing the fibers within to be torn. Typically, you will hear or feel a snap and a pop with sharp pain immediately following. Since muscle strains are difficult to heal, it’s crucial that you rest your injured leg so that it can repair itself as soon as possible. There are different levels of quadriceps strains:

  • Level 1 – At this stage, you will likely experience minimal pain and discomfort, with barely any bruising or swelling.
  • Level 2 – When you’ve reached level two, you will notice some subtle bruising and swelling, along with sharp and frequent pain, especially when taking part in physical activity or pressing on the injured part of your thigh.
  • Level 3 – Once you reach this stage, you will feel really acute pain, bruising, and swelling, with a lump sticking out of the injured muscle as well.

What are the symptoms of a quadriceps muscle strain?

Depending on the level of your injury, you will notice swelling, bruising, pain, soreness and stiffness, exacerbated by various physical activities.

How do we treat quadriceps muscle strain?

Our staff will encourage patients to use the RICE method, making sure to rest their legs, use ice to reduce swelling, move on to compression and then elevation. We also help you through various strengthening exercises to help your quadriceps heal the right way.