Quadricep Muscle Strain

What is a quadricep muscle strain?

Quadricep Muscle Strains take place when the muscles and tendons in the thigh area are stretched and pulled beyond normal range of motion, which can cause an unpleasant deep ache to an all out tear with incredible pain and difficulty moving. Since quadriceps play such an important role for athletes who take part in football, track, soccer and more, they are also often susceptible to injury from these high-speed, intense sports.

What are symptoms of a quadricep muscle strain?

Symptoms of a quadricep muscle strain include muscle contractions, swelling, bruising, involuntary muscle twitching, pain upon walking, and a tight feeling in the surrounding area.

How do we treat quadriceps muscle strains?

In the beginning stages of treatment, the R.I.C.E. method is the best way to start healing the quadricep. Our team will also use sports massages, stretching exercises, and strengthening workouts to hasten the rehabilitation process. We create a treatment plan specific to your injury severity, mobility, and pain level.