Yoga Class

$250.00 /hour

Sign up for 10 or more classes and get 10% off right away! Get your team the support they need to succeed with ongoing yoga classes conveniently located in the office.

We’ve developed an in-office corporate yoga program which gives your employees a much-needed break from the office chair. Our yoga sessions release muscle tension, reduce stress, and helps create community within the company.


Gather your employees and roll out the mats for an alignment-centered corporate yoga class. Urban Wellness doctors created specific yoga routines to combat the stress and strain put on muscles due to an office lifestyle. Our yoga therapy certified instructors will guide your employees through a simple and relaxing yoga practice which will increase flexibility, improve circulation, and create better posture.

While many exercise classes are considered just a perk, Yoga can actually create community, while also delivering healthier, happier, and more productive employees!

Special Corporate Yoga Offer

Sign up for 10 or more classes and we’ll provide up to 15 Yoga mats for your employees to keep! Give your team the support they need to succeed with ongoing yoga classes conveniently located in the office.

In-Office Yoga 

Our yoga therapy instructors will have your employees standing taller and ready for the rest of their day with new tools to help strengthen their core and back to improve posture.

For a 1-hour session, we’ll roll out the mats and get the body moving with a simple but very effective yoga practice which doesn’t require experience with yoga to complete. This yoga program does require a space for exercise as well as for employees to bring a change of clothes – there will be sweat! If you’re looking for something lighter, our Yoga Lunch & Learn program may be for you…

Our corporate yoga and meditation practice focuses on reversing the body’s compensations from prolonged sitting and relieving tight muscles, back pain, hip impingement, joint degeneration, and much more. We’ll work together to strengthen those weak muscles which are neglected from sitting all day at work.

By balancing both stretching and strengthening exercises, coupled with simple meditation, your employees will return to their desks recharged and ready to complete any tasks thrown their way.

Benefits Of Office Yoga

  • Creates healthier more centered employees
  • Improves employee posture
  • Increases employee concentration and focus
  • Creates community

Regular yoga practice has proven to help relieve stress, promote mental clarity, decrease tension and fatigue.

Our tailor-made yoga practice is easy and fun, and a great way to promote health and community within the office.

Additional information


Employees are required to bring their own mats.