UWC Core 4




Suffering from neck, low back, shoulder, or hip pain? Our Core 4 video guide is exactly what you need to get back on track!
These key rehab sequences can be applied quickly and safely every day, whether you’re an office worker or a professional athlete.

Proven techniques

Reduce and manage your pain by incorporating our easy-to-follow moves into your daily routine. Learn how to get out of pain quickly, relieve tight muscles, strengthen your core, and prevent future injuries with exercises to address imbalances we see frequently with our patients.

Professional guidance

Dr. Emily Kiberd developed Urban Wellness Clinic’s Core 4 program based on her experience helping patients recover from injury and eliminate pain for over ten years. She’ll guide you as we retrain your Core movements with her unique approach. Core 4 will get you back on track to regain a full range of motion and achieve your wellness goals.

What we cover:

  • Neck pain: our exercises help counteract the strain from everyday activities like office work that cause discomfort in the neck and upper back.
  • Shoulder pain: whether you’re struggling to lift heavy objects or perform basic tasks like washing your hair, we walk you through our effective protocol to heal and strengthen your shoulders.
  • Low back pain: we’ll show you how to move and retrain your body to build the core strength you need to resolve low back pain and regain your freedom of movement.
  • Hip pain: learn how to open up the muscles around your hips with foam rolling and other techniques so you can stabilize and open up the hip area.

Take charge of your healing process with Urban Wellness Clinic’s Core 4 video guide.

Transform your body and get the results you need to put pain behind you for good.

Start today!