Posture & Ergonomic Lunch & Learn

$1,000.00 /hour


Sitting in an office chair for hours a day will not only lead to postural imbalance and repetitive strain injuries, it can also cause fatigue and low morale due to pain and discomfort.

Our Posture & Ergonomic lunch and learn workshops teach employees how good and bad posture can affect the body and how making small changes to workstations can make a big difference.

Urban Wellness doctors will take your employees through the benefits of good posture as well as how to be more conscious of their positioning. The doctor will guide them through the physical and mental consequences of bad posture, and will show them stretches and strengthening exercises to promote ergonomic health.

Employees Have Unique Needs

We address your employees concerns and questions to ensure they go back to their desks with the confidence to make simple changes that will make a huge difference in their everyday lives. Something as simple as adjusting an office chair can lead to reduced lower back pain and heightened productivity.

Our ergonomic workshop is designed to optimize efficiency in the workplace and manage injuries by educating and empowering your employees. We help employees improve their workstations through ‘workspace optimizations’ in just one hour.

Benefits Of Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

  • Reduces workplace injuries
  • Increases efficiency while increasing office morale
  • Improves posture
  • Elevates mood and energy
  • Empower employees with tools to maintain a healthy workstation

Your employees will leave with the information they need to make positive changes not only to their workspace, but in other areas as well. A happy and healthy work environment leads to better productivity and efficiency!