One-on-one Ergonomic Assessments

$750.00 /hour

Our team of doctors will perform individual ergonomic assessments of your employees’ workspaces to design a tailor-made action plan for each of them to increase productivity, ensure their comfort at their desks and reduce workplace injuries.


Most office on-the-job injuries happen as a result of a poor workplace setup. Neck pain occurs from poor screen alignment, lower back issues happen when chairs are not properly fitted, small adjustments can lead to big improvements over time.

Each personal, one-on-one ergonomic assessment lasts 15 to 20 minutes per employee. We assess and integrate ergonomic best practices to reduce the risk of pain or injury. We provide before & after pictures so each employee can visualize the direct benefits of our work, and have a reference once we’ve left.

No Ergonomic Assessment Is The Same

Each individual has different needs and requires a space which accommodates their specific issues. One employee with a herniated disc will require a different desk set-up compared to an employee with poor circulation, for example. Something as simple as a fixing a chair set too high can have drastic improvements to long-term comfort and productivity!

We go through a in-depth, total ergonomic health checklist with each employee to optimize their workspace with changes to best suit their needs. We address past or current injuries, chronic pain and other ailments – no one individual is the same, thus no individual office setup is the same!

Benefits Of Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

  • Prevents workplace injuries
  • Increases productivity and morale while elevating mood
  • Improves posture
  • Provides photo reference to maintain gains

A proper ergonomic setup doesn’t mean you have to buy customized desk and expensive chairs – as those alone won’t necessarily avoid work-related injuries. Using current equipment, we’ll improve your office space while increasing productivity and boosting employee morale. Ergonomically optimized offices and workstations have fewer injuries and healthier and happier employees.