Nutrition Lunch & Learn

$2,500.00 /hour

Our trained specialists will educate employees about how the food they consume can increase their energy levels and productivity.

We’ll give participants practical and effective tools for weight management to increase their overall health and wellbeing, while reducing sick days and risk of burnout.


Our nutrition lunch & learn program brings our straightforward nutrition approach to encourage your employees to make positive changes and choices.

Proper nutrition is one of the most important facets of our physical and mental health – making small adjustments to our dietary habits can drastically improve our physical and mental state.

With the slew of “fad” diets today, proper education on nutrition and balancing a healthy diet with exercise is extremely important. Maintaining a healthy diet will not only boost your employees’ energy levels, it will spark creativity, increase productivity and lead to a happier, healthier office.

Our Nutritional Expertise

Our functional medicine doctor will come to your office to discuss how to use food as medicine, give tips and tricks to boost energy levels (without heavy amounts of caffeine), and teach which foods maintain brain health and which ones do more harm than good.

We’ll cover topics like

  • Which foods help with concentration to clear the mind
  • Which foods to avoid – and those to consume in moderation
  • How to shed fat, without sacrificing your mental health
  • How to build and maintain healthy eating habits
  • How to combine a balanced diet with exercise

In just 1 hour, we’ll teach your employees the practical and powerful tools they need to make healthy decisions and avoid the 2 PM slump.

Benefits of Corporate Nutrition 1:1 Counseling

  • Address which nutrition regiment works best for the individual
  • Empowers employees with knowledge for long term nutritional health
  • Increases energy and productivity
  • Increases overall health and well-being
  • Provides practical and effective tools for weight management

Equipped with a full rundown on nutrition, your employees can arrive at the office each morning feeling like their best selves!