Chair Yoga

$250.00 /hour

Our corporate yoga services are designed to help combat the negative effects of sitting at a desk, staring at a computer in a one-size-fits-all chair for hours. We provide your employees with daily simple, but effective exercises they can perform at their desks to improve overall health and reduce workplace injuries.


Your employees are sitting in front of their computers for hours each day. By sitting for long periods of time, our bodies get stiff and sluggish, leading to tight muscles, back pain, hip impingement and even joint degeneration.

So what’s the solution? We can’t change the reality of our day-to-day but we can counteract it with comprehensive yoga & meditation practices which are designed to reverse the body’s compensations.

Our yoga lunch and learn workshop was created to reduce pain and work-related injuries by providing simple and easy to do exercises. While reducing tension and stress, we help stretch and strengthen the body, improve circulation, correct posture and increase flexibility.

No Space for Corporate Yoga? No Problem!

Our trained specialist will come to the office ready to teach your employees exercises in the comfort of their own clothes – no need for a mat and floor space! We’ll move around your conference room table for 1 hour and teach office-friendly yoga your employees can do at their desk. This office-friendly yoga therapy will emphasize stretching and strengthening, giving them simple but effective techniques to improve their health.

Your employees will leave our workshop with time-tested exercises to stretch throughout the day, engage the core, work the glutes, and more, all without leaving their workspace or breaking a sweat!

Benefits Of Office Yoga

  • Improves employee posture, decreasing work burn-out
  • Reduces stress and improve mental clarity
  • Increases employee concentration and focus
  • Boosts employee energy and motivation
  • Increases employee flexibility and circulation

A few simple Yoga moves at work and employees will notice a boost in energy, morale, and increase in concentration and productivity. It’s a win-win-win!

For more intense programs, you can break a sweat with our active Yoga classes.