Poor Posture

What is poor posture?

Poor posture occurs when some muscles in the body tighten up and become scrunched up, and other muscles are weakened and lengthened at the same time. Typically, this occurs when the body is repetitively strained through sedentary jobs, and daily stress that causes the neck and shoulders to stiffen up and stay hunched for prolonged periods of time.

What are the symptoms of poor posture?

Soreness in the neck and shoulders, rounded and raised shoulders, jutted out chin or neck, pot belly, headaches, muscle fatigue, back pain and discomfort.

How do we treat poor posture?

Whether you sit hunched over your desk all the time, or always walk around with your shoulders pushed forward, we work with you to correct your posture, show you the proper way to keep your back straight, and teach you ergonomic poses when sitting at work, including: how to hold your wrists in the right position, where to place your legs, where to hold your computer, etc.