Piriformis Syndrome

What is Piriformis Syndrome?

Piriformis Syndrome is a tight piriformis muscle in the buttock can press against sciatic nerve causing pain, tingling, and a numb sensation in the buttocks and down the leg. Pain stemming from a tight piriformis worsens while sitting down for an extended period of time, climbing steps, and jogging.

What are symptoms of Piriformis Syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome leads to dull ache in the back of the legs, the lower back, and the buttocks. You may also notice some limited mobility in the hips, particularly when trying to cross your ankle over your knee in a figure four shape.

How do we treat Piriformis Syndrome?

Our team muscles tests and watches how you walk to determine why your piriformis is getting tight, possibly for a lack of stability somewhere else in the body. Once we identify where the discomfort and potential weakness is coming from, we show you how to integrate a stretching and strengthening routine to minimize the amount of compression on the nerve. We retrain your walking habits and posture while sitting to get you moving better and pain free.