Physical Rehabilitation

Our Approach To Physical Rehabilitation

As expert movement specialists, we restore your body’s natural movements—so you keep doing what you love, pain free. We’re a tightly knit team of doctors, therapists, chiropractors, and trainers at our physical therapy center. Together, we work with you to yield the exact treatment plan for speedy recovery, without surgery.

Experience the latest, most effective physical therapy treatments with our multidisciplinary approach. We don’t treat just your injury, we look at the whole body, your habits, your lifestyle, and how each affects the others.

At our physical therapy clinic, we use techniques designed to assess movement, retrain your gait, effectively release muscle tension, and build strength. Specific techniques include:

Done right, physical therapy care heals your body, but beyond that, you learn all the  tools—developed for pro athletes!—to prevent future injuries and keep you moving stronger and smarter.

Benefits Of Physical Rehabilitation:

  • Tackles pain at the source
  • Gets the body fit and strong, quicker
  • Increases flexibility in the joints and muscles
  • Improves circulation around scar tissue
  • Teaches you how to prevent injuries

Physical Rehabilitation Is Good For Anyone:

  • In persistent pain
  • With limited mobility or post-surgery scar tissue
  • Striving toward their highest training potential
  • With any type of injury (sports- or overuse-related, repetitive motions at work, etc.)

Your Visit

At Urban Wellness Clinic, physiotherapy treatments have three key phases: a thorough assessment, treatment, and tools so you can take charge of your recovery for the long haul.

We start with an in-depth examination of your health history, your specific goals, and how you move, to understand why you’re in pain. We design a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan, that’s right for your needs. Say you have extensive scar tissue. We’ll break up adhesions with the highly effective Active Release Technique. Or, if you’ve had physical therapy before, but you’re still in pain: we perform a series of movement tests, like the Functional Movement Screen or Anatomy in Motion, to determine the cause.

All physiotherapeutic treatments are active, aiming to get you upright and moving as soon—and as safe—as possible. We closely monitor your progress and modify your treatment as you become stronger. Continue therapy at home, with your series of specific exercises to speed up your body’s natural healing process, so you return to moving pain free.