PCL Tears

What is a PCL tear?

A PCL tear involves the posterior cruciate ligament, which is situation in the back of the knee joint. This part of the knee is responsible for stabilizing the shin bone and preventing it from moving out of place. Typically, this injury is caused by a bad fall during a sporting event or an accident that involves direct impact to the knee when it is in a bent position.

What are the symptoms of a PCL tear?

Some signs of a PCL tear involve trouble walking and moving about, swelling in the knee to such an extent that the knee stiffens up and loses its flexibility, as well as the sensation that the knee is wobbly and lacking stability.

How do we treat a PCL tear?

Once the initial swelling has lessoned, we work with you to strengthen your knee and make it as functional as possible. Along with various workouts that target several different parts of the thigh, we also use stretching exercises to increase flexibility.