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Get Relief and Results with Our Online Exercise Video Library

For more than a decade, we at Urban Wellness Clinic have been helping people heal their body with amazing form through proper strength training, rehabilitation, and weightlifting exercises.

For years people, clients and patients asked us not to write it down on sticky notes, not to give paper handouts, not to record it on their phone, but instead, put it online for easy access.

You asked UWC Tribe and now we delivered. Matt and I with a video crew team of a videographer, sound guy, and Director of Production rented a studio to record 78 exercises we give in the clinic every day.

We sweated, moved, lifting all on camera just for you!

Now you can access our online exercise video library to help you improve your core strength and rehab after injury when you’re not in our office (and you’ve forgotten what we taught you!)

online exercise video library

It’s chock full of exercises to help you breathe correctly, loosen tight muscles, and strengthen and stabilize by resetting the brain’s motor control center at home or at the gym.

But how can you actually use this month after month to take your body and strength to the next level (and ahem, pain free). There are exercises from the basic breathing like a 6 month old baby to hex bar deadlifts, and single arm kettlebell swings. Did we mention we love kettlebells?!?!

“Once you execute the basics, time to progress and get strong with the more advanced moves!”

To ensure a strong core, we provide a breathing exercise first. These exercises also help you maintain a stable spine and reset the nervous system out of sympathetic fight or flight mode.

Why does this matter?

If we stay in fight or flight, we automatically fall into an arched position, overuse our low back erector muscles, and compress the back.

Think of someone trying to arch their back to puff up their chest. Now imagine doing that all the time. In the long term, this can lead to poor core strength and spinal instability, and a cranky low back.

We Supply Online Breathing Exercises

You can find our breathing exercises under the DNS section of the online exercise library.

A great place to start is the six-month supine video.

6 month supine demo video

Here’s the deal: It’s based on how we first move as infants from 3- to 6-months old, working on lifting our knees to 90 degrees without arching your lower back. We work and work on it, get fatigued, and then poop, cry, and want some milk, then do it all over again. Think if we did this (minus the crying) every day for just five minutes as an adult.

The world would have 80% less back pain across the board!

Exercises to Release Tight Muscles

That’s not all.

Then we follow the breathing exercise with a stretch or release of the tight, or hypertonic muscle which is probably overworking and need to get turned off. For example if you have a tight neck and upper back, we would recommend an upper trap kettlebell stretch to open up the tight, contracted muscles and tell the shoulders to stabilize and pack down.

Neck stretch with Kettlebell demo video.

Then we ALWAYS follow this with a strength or stability exercise to get the right muscles to fire.

Why do we always do this?

We want to reset the motor control center of the brain, where we learn how to move and where we remember our movement patterns. Think of it as our muscle memory. Whatever we train ourselves to do everyday is what we will be great at. If we are training ourselves to sit slouched over day in and day out, we will get really good sitters.

Simply stretching and strengthening on its own is not enough, we want to re-train your brain on a whole different level on how to hold your body. It’s an essential part to retraining how we hold ourselves and how we rehab. We need integration to pull it all together and seal the deal.

Strengthening and Stabilizing Exercises

In our online exercise video library, we provide ways to integrate and find tension in the body, thereby getting multiple parts of the body talking to one another. This could be a deadlift, which is in the hinge section of the library, to connect the upper and lower body, improve shoulder stability with core and glutes. For icing on the lifting cake, a deadlift even helps find tension in the feet up to the core to help these two areas talk to one another.

Hex Bar Deadlift demo video

I can’t emphasize this enough: Our online exercise video library provides a valuable resource for your training and rehab needs. We offer exercises in hinge, squat, carry, push, pull, anti-rotate, lunge, stretch and mobility, DNS rehabilitation, foot work, and core exercises.

The best part?

There’s also the “Essential 7,” strength moves that help you move better and live pain-free. These are the seven workout moves that carry-over into daily lives, like carrying groceries, taking the stairs to your walk-up, squatting to pick up after your dog.

Bottom line: These key exercises help you relieve pain and get results, fast!

Basic membership in our online exercise video library is $9.99 per month with access to all 78 training videos.

For $14.99 per month, an essential membership is available to provide access to all 78 videos plus our exercise progression videos on How To Lift.

Questions? Call us at 212-355-0445 or email us at We’re here for you!

Best in health,

Dr. Emily Kiberd