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Navigating the New ‘Normal’ with Urban Wellness Clinic

Navigating the new normal with Urban Wellness Clinic

Here it is. The light at the end of the tunnel. We have come together and helped slow the spread of Covid-19; however, our job does not end here. We still need to continue to follow guidelines and make our health our top priority.

As you and your loved ones start to work out what your new normal will be and feel like, there are some aspects to consider that can keep you feeling your best all year long!

Easing back into your gym

If you have been keeping up with workouts at home, the likelihood that you had lighter or limited weights is high. For some, it was strictly bodyweight movement and for others, having to forego movement altogether. Regardless of your circumstances while at home, it is imperative that you ease your way back into the load you incorporate at the gym.

Do not pick up the same weights you were working with when you get back to the gym. My suggestion? Drop the load you would normally work with to 50% and then work your way up. Did you workout every day? Take a rest day between workouts to help your body heal.

As excited as you may be to get back to your muscle gains, you do not want to get injured early on and have to take another break from your movement routine. Stay the course and you will find that you will be back to your usual load preference sooner rather than later as your muscle memory kicks in and you focus on quality movement patterns.

Create a personal ‘task force’

As we all know, teamwork makes the dream work, right? Having a solid support system can help you achieve your goals quicker and in this case, the goal is to get healthy and stay healthy. Put together a list of providers and coaches that you can go to to help you stay in tip-top shape. This does not only include your Chiropractic Physician, but also your personal trainer, a nutritionist or an acupuncturist, and your Primary Care Provider.

As Chiropractic Physicians we can help you with your total body movements. This can range from your ergonomic work set up to your routine at the gym. Additionally, at Urban Wellness Clinic, we help patients learn to breathe better through Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, relieve trigger points through Active Release Technique and help you better understand movement-compensation through Anatomy in Motion.Chiropractic Physician working with client

Make preventative care a priority

There is already talk about Covid-19 showing up again during the colder months of the year. This virus is new and we are still learning much about it, but regardless of a second wave we also have other common viruses that affect us throughout the year. Am I saying this to scare anyone? Of course not. I mention this because it only helps drive the idea home that we need to continue to take care of ourselves regardless of what time of year it is and regardless of what illness could be peering around the corner.

Taking care of yourself and protecting yourself from the myriad of illnesses is key. Don’t just go with the current notion of, “I feel fine.” A lot of common viruses can invade the body and the symptoms show up days or weeks later.

The way to help keep yourself strong and ready to fight invaders is by utilizing your personal task force at Urban Wellness Clinic so that they can provide you with services such as adjustments and rehab. When your body is in alignment, there is less stress placed on it which leads to less stress on a cellular level.

Additionally, preventative care can include:

  • Meditation
  • Supplementation
  • Whole Food Diet
  • Adequate Sleep
  • Daily Movement

Breathing through a mask

Breathing through a mask can be difficult, especially since it is not something we are used to doing. Wearing a mask is not only mandatory but can help diminish the spread of the virus to yourself or those around you. Some tips to help you get through the day with your new accessory:

  • You can start by wearing your mask at home to get used to it by wearing it for shorter periods of time.
  • Opt for a cloth-based mask or tie a scarf around your nose and mouth to avoid irritation on your skin.
  • Be sure the mask covers both your nose and mouth, especially while around other people.
  • Feeling shortness of breath or dizziness from the carbon dioxide build-up? Socially distance and remove the mask to take deep breaths when you are outside for long periods of time.

As an added measure, you can also incorporate breathing techniques to do at home. This can be taught by your provider at UWC through Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. This rehab method is built on the basis of how we breathe and turn on the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system in our bodies. By practicing proper breathing techniques you will not only feel better while wearing your mask but continue to practice keeping your body in a less stressed state.


We all just made it through a very tough chapter in our lives. It had its good days and bad days and was experienced differently by each of us. What matters is that we were able to make the necessary changes and overcome this hurdle together. As life starts to get back to what we knew it as before, to some degree, keep in mind that you can make this next chapter go seamlessly.

Our wish for you is that you continue to persevere, stay healthy and focus on all the good that is happening in our world today.

Ready to start your personalized task force and keep track with your health? Give us a call at 212-355-0445 or email us at We are so excited to see you back out there in NYC again!

Yours In Health,

Dr. Monisha Mallik, D.C.