Nerve Entrapments

What are nerve entrapments?

As the name suggests, nerve entrapments occur when nerves get trapped within different parts of the spine. This condition starts out in the neck or lower back and then spreads to varying degrees.

What are the symptoms of nerve entrapments?

Patients may feel irritation in their backs, a “pins and needles” sensation, weakness, lack of function, numbness, sharp pain in one spot or a radiating sense of discomfort that spreads and moves around.

How do we treat nerve entrapments?

We start by examining your posture and then looking into the way you walk, sit, turn your body, etc. We not only observe your body movements to get a sense of where the nerve is trapped, but to also check for compensation patterns that reflect other parts of your body stepping in and carrying the weight for your injury. We work to correct your posture and improve the way you move so you can spread the weight and tension evenly rather than putting too much pressure on one specific part. We also teach you a variety of range-of-motion exercises to improve mobility and massage your body to reduce pain and pressure.