Nerve Damage in Hand

What is nerve damage?

Nerve injuries often occur as side effects of more serious conditions (carpal tunnel, congential disorders, fractures, and any other injuries) that interfere with the nerve’s ability to communicate with other parts of the body, leading to numbness and lack of mobility.

What are the symptoms of nerve damage?

Symptoms include weakness when gripping, difficulty straightening the arm all the way, pain and stiffness when turning the wrist, tingling sensation moving throughout the hand, sharp pain and difficulty extending the wrist.

How do we treat nerve damage?

We start off by determining what your level of mobility looks like, and which parts of your body are compensating for your injury. We then show you a variety of exercises to help you strengthen your injured muscles and increase your range of motion. We also work on finger flexibility and help you relieve pain, improve coordination, and help you with gripping movements.